The Genius Guide On How To Score 400 In JAMB

In 2016, Ibrahim Shamiofu was able to bag 399 out of 400 Jamb total scores. Till date, he remains the only one holding that record, and no one has come near him.

Consequently, a few students do come out with great results. Many of them always manage to scale through the average score. And some a find themselves way below the average.

So, Is it possible to get 400 in a jamb? If Ibrahim can be a mark close to it, then it is.
Performing excellently well is achievable, though, not an easy route.

It takes a lot of effort to climb Mount Everest, obtaining an unimaginable mark in Jamb comes with hard work. JAMB is the acronym for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, 

Here are 7 steps you must not avoid on your journey to the top.

7 Steps To Take in Getting 400 in Jamb

The arrangement is not in order of importance. But, religiously infusing these considerations into your plan would aid your success.

#1. Be Determined

Determination is the content that fuels your hard work. Many times, a lot of people are great when it comes to starting an ambition. Only a few people can continue with the same energy they started with.

To have a great score in an exam like Jamb, you must be determined and consistent. Your plans might be tight and even snatch away your hobbies from you. Those are the sacrifices that come with success.

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#2 Set A Plan

To fuel the effort of your determination, you need to set a plan. A ground plan would help you know what to do and when. You can\’t be aiming for 400 in a jamb without having a guide on how you are to read.

Start by mapping out a timetable. Creatively share the time among the subjects. In planning your time, it\’s expected you cut out a lot of your leisure time and invest them into your reading hours.

#3 Read At Convenience

Often, the tension of having an exam beclouds a lot of students and makes them prepare wrongly. While drawing your reading plan, never forget your personality.

You might not be a good day reader If you can\’t deal with a lot of distractions and background noise. In that case, it would be best to schedule your reading time for early hours in the morning.

Maybe from 2 am – 6 am when you can have dead silence. On the other hand, thinking only people who read at night are brilliant is a great fallacy.

No matter the time you decide to read, make sure they are periods you can assimilate very fast. Reading during the day is not less productive, just make sure you always achieve something.

#4 Balanced Attention

Outline your strengths and weaknesses. If you are a \”guru\” in English, but can barely get an average In Government as an Art student, it\’s time to give Government attention.

Falling into the error of paying attention to your favourite subject and neglecting others won\’t come out well. If you score 99 in English and 50 in Government, you are coming back to the average score like a normal student.

In essence, try to strengthen your weaknesses and retain the strength you have for others. To have a high score, you need to be outstandingly great in all four subjects.

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#5 Access Yourself

Reading a lot is good, but accessing yourself makes you know your limit. Do you know why football teams engage in friendly matches when they are preparing for a competition?

The coach is doing that to access the players and the team as a whole. Training sessions are great, but you won\’t know your strength until you face an opponent.

This same principle can be applied when preparing for a jamb. Reading the Syllabus is a great measure of preparation, but attempting past questions with standard timing would reveal your strength.

It helps you know how far you have gone and what would be your likely score. Go through the past questions or the Jamb cbt app to access yourself. Your assessments would tell you the next step to delve into.

#6 Prepare For The Exam

Preparing for an exam is not just about reading. When the exam is coming closer, you need to revise all you have done. Much more, you must consider your mental and physical health.

The exam period is not the time to break up with your boyfriend if you have one. It sounds funny, but it\’s true. You need your emotion to be in the right state.

Also, don\’t go ahead to read yourself to death. Reading for days without considering your health might have a toll on you. It would be sad if you are down with malaria or stressed out before the exam.

#7 Involve God

You need God to handle the process. For example, you can only avoid getting sick to some extent. Only God can preserve your health and keep you emotionally and physically fit.

If you believe in God, never remove him from your plan. Involve him during, before, and after your exams.

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These steps might not be all to consider, but they are crucial in making you a historic score. As a student, engage every possible means to get better daily, then you would be on your way to excellence.

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