Types of Bean Cleaning Machine and Their Various Prices

Over the years, the manual system of separating good seeds from bad ones or impurities by hand picking has been a really stressful and slow process. This was the anchor reason behind the production of Bean Suction machines to help speed up this process of separating good seeds from impurities as well as save time.

What is a Beans Cleaning Machine?

A Bean Cleaning machine is a sorting machine that makes use of air suction to separate good seeds, bad seeds and empty seeds from one another. A Bean cleaning machine can as well, separate the sizes of the seed and set apart the stones, green seeds and other impurities with the aid of its air suction.

The Bean Cleaning machine majorly has good cleaning effects on grain and bean seeds.

Types Of Beans Cleaning Machines

Due to the level of advancement in technology, there are various types of Bean Cleaning machines which serve different purposes. Now for the sake of this article, we’ll briefly be discussing each one of them, their individual uses and prices.

The various types of Bean Cleaning machines include:

Groundnut Peanut Bean Cleaning Machine:

Unlike other Bean cleaning machines, a Groundnut Peanut Cleaning machine uses air suction to removes light impurities such as, sicken, eaten, bad, immature and moldy seeds. This in-turn helps its users/customers get cleaned grain seeds.

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The Groundnut Cleaning machine is suitable / efficient for cleaning seeds of all crops. These crops include sunflower, maize, soya bean, oil seeds, millets, flower seeds, wheat, barley, paddy, spices, etc.

Grain Sugar Soybean Chickpea Bean Cleaning Machine:

The grain sugar soybean chickpea bean cleaning machine is actually one of the best bean cleaning machines. This machine is 5xzc-5dh by model and a capacity of cleaning at least 5 tons of beans per hour and as a matter of fact, this is actually one of the top recommendations.

Cleaning your bean becomes much easier on this very machine. Meanwhile, one of the major reasons why I love this Grain Sugar Soybean Bean Cleaning Machine is that it is budget friendly. Check price below in the price section.

Wheat Straw Corn Cocoa Bean Cleaning Precleaner Machine:

This bean cleaning machine happens to be one of the best budget-friendly machines you should really know about. However, just like every other bean cleaning machine; the wheat straw corn cocoa bean cleaning precleaner machine is super-fast.

This is actually one of the types of bean cleaning machine you should know!

Combined Seed Cleaning & Processing Machine for Maize Paddy Grain Bean:

This very machine is one of the coolest with a high processing and cleaning speed. This very machine comes with a one year warranty, so this simply means that you can return this machine if it starts malfunctioning.

The combined seed cleaning & processing machine for maize paddy grain bean has the model number of 5XZS-10CDS and it is budget friendly.

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Mung Bean Cleaning Machine Mung Bean Sorting Machine:

This is another incredible bean cleaning machine you should know. This machine makes your bean cleaning very fast and super easy to use. Isn’t that cool?

Having this machine at your convenience curtails the level of stress and workloads you will go through trying to clean your bean manually.

What is the Price of a Bean Cleaning Machine?

Just as the bean cleaning machine has several types, that is exactly how their prices varies. Now below are the various prices for the bean cleaning machines;

  • Groundnut Peanut Bean Cleaning Machine ($9200)
  • Grain Sugar Soybean Chickpea Bean Cleaning Machine ($3800 to $4300 depending on the specifications)
  • Wheat Straw Corn Cocoa Bean Cleaning Precleaner Machine ($2250 to $2300)
  • Combined Seed Cleaning & Processing Machine for Maize Paddy Grain Bean ($8200)
  • Mung Bean Cleaning Machine Mung Bean Sorting Machine ($5000)


These machines are for your use and they makes your bean quarantine very easy and fast. That was why we gave you these top recommendations and meanwhile you really shouldn’t miss out on purchasing them especially for your bean cleaning.

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