Jumia Flex: How to Apply For Jumia Buy Now Pay Later

Do you know that you can actually buy anything from Jumia totally on credit? Are you always stalked when buying from Jumia probably because of rundown of cash? Have you ever thought of buying a gadget or an accessory from Jumia but don’t have the complete money?

Worry less because we’ll give you a candid explanation on how you can possibly apply for Jumia buy now and pay later. Stay glued till the end of this article so that you wouldn’t miss out on any line.

Getting Started;

It is almost impossible to see folks without smartphone and I can actually say that the domination of sophisticated gadgets and accessories is super rapid. However, it is highly possibly for you to also see folks that don’t make use of smartphones and most of these recent gadgets and accessories probably because they can’t afford it.

In most cases, most give up their quest for their respective dream phones and accessories because of money involved. Awwwn, that’s really awful and also pitiful too.

Notwithstanding, this is possibly an opportunity for everyone out there that desires a smartphone or an accessory or a gadget they can’t possibly afford at the moment.

You can buy the phone now and pay later with Jumia Flex. That reminds me, I totally forgot that a good many of you reading this article probably do not know what Jumia Flex is and how to operate too.

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Having known that, we’ll candidly look into that on the next segment, after which we further proceed with this article proper.

What Is Jumia Flex (Jumia Buy Now Pay Later)?

Jumia Flex is a support package created by Jumia (A Nigerian based digital market where you can buy almost everything that you can also find in a normal market) to help their customers by phones and other gadgets on credit.

With this support system (Jumia Buy Now Pay Later), you can buy accessories from Jumia and pay little by little. This simply means that you can actually pay by instalment.

This is really the joy of so many folks out there, especially those that can’t afford for their desired phone and accessories. Instead of borrowing money from your friends that will later put you into unnecessary pressure, kindly use the Jumia Flex (Jumia Buy Now Pay Later).

Additional, with this service (Jumia Buy Now Pay Later), you can easily pay for what you bought on a monthly instalment. Meanwhile, you’re expected to make an initial deposit at first before you can get the phone or accessory.

After that, you’ll then have to pick your desired payment duration (usually, they have three months, and six months durations for payment).

Jumia Buy Now Pay Later (Jumia Flex) Requirements

For the fact that Jumia Flex allows you to buy your desired phone even when you don’t have the complete money doesn’t mean that there are not requirements.

There are certain requirements you have to meet before you can actually have access to the service. Now below are the requirements for this very service;

  • Your Bank Statement (Preferably, PDF Format)
  • A Valid Identity Card (Either a Voter Card, National Identity Card, Driver’s License, and International Passport)
  • Your Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Your Phone Number (This has to be the same number that is associated with your BVN)
  • Your Signature
  • Your Employment Status and Company’s Name
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How to Apply For Jumia Buy Now Pay Later (Jumia Flex)

If you really want to apply for this service (Jumia Buy Now Pay Later), you’ll have to follow the below steps;

  • The first thing you should do is to visit Jumia Flex website
  • When you get to the homepage, kindly check the list of the available gadgets (such as smartphones, laptops, and accessories)
  • When you finally see your desired gadget, click on the Apply Now navigation button under the gadget.
  • Now the next thing to do it for you to fill in the Jumia Buy Now Pay Later application form
  • After filling the form, you’ll then have to wait for like 72 straight hours for their feedback and response.


Do not quite your quest for your desired phone, laptop and other accessories even when you don’t have money. Jumia Buy Now Pay Later got you covered.

Having grabbed the main thing here, do you have any question or suggestion to render? If yes, kindly send us your feedback and responses if you have any and please do not forget to hit the share button so as to reach other folks, thanks.

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