The Easiest Method On How To Start Honey Business in Nigeria

Are you thinking of starting honey business in Nigeria? Here is the best way to start;

The familiarity and popularity that honey has gained among many individuals, is likely a result of it\’s sweetened nature. But more than just having a pleasant taste, Honey is a highly nutritional as well medicinal commodity. That is why if you\’ve chosen to start Honey business in Nigeria, I can tell you, you made one of the nicest choice ever.

So at this point, I will say the journey is half covered, what remains now is the guidance of a professional to take you by the hand and walk you through the rudiments and basics of Honey business in Nigeria. And I can assure you, that this is exactly what this article was created to achieve in you as you take up this journey.

So let\’s start.

Profitability of Honey in Nigeria

Honey business is Profitable in Nigeria mainly because :

  1. It is less competitive because over the years many have looked away from it as a potential income generating source.
  2. The rising awareness around the benefits of Honey, has doubled it\’s relevance and consequently demand.
  3. It is seen as a better alternative to cut down on excess sugar. So it\’s demand is steadily on the rise.
  4. It is lucrative on what ever scale you want to venture into.
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What are the General Importance of Honey

  1. Respiratory tract infections and coughs of all degrees can be treated with Honey.
  2. The immune system has been discovered to be boosted by Honey.
  3. Sounds heal faster when Honey is applied.
  4. In combination with garlic, people use honey stabilize and keep their blood pressure in check.
  5. Hair loss can be prevented and treated with Honey, and that explains why many hair care products are made of Honey.
  6. Honey is used to enhance facial looks and appearance.
  7. Heart Burns and irregular burning sensations can be reduced by using Honey.

Step By Step Guide On How to Start A Honey Business in Nigeria

I guess that\’s why we are here right, so let\’s hit the hammer straight unto the head of the nail.

1. Decide The Volume and Amount You Are Starting With:

This factor on the long run decides almost everything else. Because if you don\’t have the quantity or scale of business you are planning to run clearly stated, how do you assign capital and resources ? Meanwhile, one thing is clear, the higher the scale, the wider the reach.

2. Identify And Stick to a Reliable Source / Supplier:

There have been quite an irksome report spreading that Honey does have adulterated forms. Sure enough it does, for many cheats have decided to play it the fast way by mixing the pure Honey with something else, to increase the quantity.

So with this discovery, you must seek reliable sources who aren\’t the cheating types, in order to maintain a record of honesty before your customers.

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How Do I Know When Honey Has Been Adulterated?

  • It has a pleasant smell
  • Pure Honey is viscous and flows smoothly.
  • When rubbed against a matchstick and struck, it has the tendencies of igniting flames.

3. Register Your Business:

Your business will be validated and recognized the moment it is register underTake the bold step of getting a business name and registering it under the Coperate Affairs Commission (CAC), Nigeria.

4. Packaging and Branding:

A nice name or brand should go with an eye catchy package, that highlights it\’s uniqueness and quality.

A nice packaging will definitely draw in and retain lots of customers who wouldn\’t want to wait the next second to drain the content of the bottle, you choose to package your Natural Honey.

5. Get a Suitable Store or Shop:

The nature of Honey demands that it be kept stored and preserved in a conducive environment, so that it\’s freshness can be retained.

It is also important to site a shop in a strategic location, where your potential customers can see you. Secondly, it must be secure from theft and pest control must be at it\’s peak.

6. Create Awareness:

Market your wares, the public has got to know you exist and offer this service. One mistake many entrepreneurs make is assuming they have an already prepared audience that know they exist somewhere…

The message is simple, reach out to them by all means possible.

In conclusion, Honey business commands great profit in Nigeria, at this point, with all the steps outlined above, if you start and consistently follow it with all discipline, I see no reason we shouldn\’t be talking of Expansions here and there, in the least possible time.

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