How To Browse With Airtime On MTN

At some point, you might have sufficient airtime but do not have data to browse the internet. You get frustrated on how to make use of your mobile airtime to browse the internet.

This article will help you figure this out. Years ago, mobile phone users could browse the internet with either airtime or mobile data.

This was easy because mobile phones of this period could not load up heavy images and website contents. Thus, they do not consume much resources for browsing.

Why Access To Internet Connection Was Restricted To The Use Of Mobile Data

Over the years. The invention of smartphones, tablets, and iPhones came massively. These phones could load up more websites with heavy content.

Then, mobile telecommunication companies like MTN restricted access to the internet with the use of mobile data because smartphones load more images, sounds, ads, and all.
These tend to consume more airtime, unlike data. This was used to help users reduce unnecessary airtime consumption. Notwithstanding, sometimes, some users have access to lots of airtime and they run out of mobile data.

At this point, they wish to make use of their airtime to browse the internet. MTN has a service that enables you to browse with your airtime.

This browse with airtime service on MTN is called PAYG, meaning \”pay as you go\”. That is to say, you pay with airtime as you browse the internet.

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MTN Airtime Browsing Rate

It is very good to be aware of the rate at which MTN deducts the airtime browsing fee. MTN charges 3 naira per megabyte. This implies that whenever your browser loads up an Mb(megabyte), three (3) naira is deducted from your airtime.

This is basically the fee MTN charges for browsing with your airtime on MTN lines. This service is available for all MTN lines/customers.

There are no additional charges that are included. This service can therefore be used when one runs out of mobile data. Hence, how can one activate this service?

How to Activate Your MTN Sim Card To Browse With Airtime

If you run out of airtime and you want to browse with your airtime, there are two different ways to go about doing this. The first way is to dial *131*200#.

The other way is to send \”RESET\” as an SMS text to 131. As soon as either of these is done, a message will pop up on your phone.

This message will notify you of the new change that has occurred on your line. After this action, you can go ahead and enjoy your airtime on the internet.

One big advantage of this is that there will be no cost charged in the activation of this service.

Deactivating PAYG

One must deactivate this service, PAYG. This is essential to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Some people have activated this service but forgot to deactivate it.

They later would continue browsing, accessing, and downloading heavy web content. They believe they are enjoying a free internet connection or possibly they have been rewarded free internet access.

They would have forgotten that they\’re browsing with their airtime. Therefore one must deactivate the PAYG as soon as one is done using the service. To deactivate this service, there are also two ways, just as one activates it.

You can either dial *131*201# or you send SUSPEND to 131 in an SMS text. After sending this, another notification will pop up on your phone. It will notify you that you have opted out of the service.

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It can be so annoying to have huge airtime and be unable to use it to browse the internet. However, this can only be experienced when you don\’t know what to do.

MTN is a good network provider. She is saddled with the obligation of satisfying her customers. MTN has plans for their customers who would want to access the internet with airtime at important times.

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