Biography of Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj 

Born on March 17, Sadhu Sundar is raised by a devout Hindu family. Sadhu Sundar is a prophet who has been given the mandate to prepare the way for the second coming of Christ.

At seven, Sadhu Sundar\’s father became a Hindu lay reader priest. Being the firstborn. Sadhu Sundar is expected to be devoted to Hindu. He studied mantras, had a deep knowledge of pujas, and even carried the kavadi for three years.

However, at age 16, he encountered Jesus Christ after hearing a voice that says, \”This is the true voice, go and follow him.\” After this encounter, Sadhu Sundar\’s questions about life after death became clear, and he became a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. 

Sadhu Sundar has been preaching the gospel for 43 years. He established a ministry called \”Jesus Ministries,\” which focuses on healing, teaching and preaching the gospel of Christ. Also, Sadhu Sundar has a television network, Angel TV. Angel TV runs for 24 hours, reaching out to over six continents. There are twelve channels on the television network and it is available in eight different languages, including English, Tamil, and Hindi.

Prophet Sadhu Sundar\’s Family 

Sadhu Sundar is raised in a Hindu household. Out of four children, he\’s the oldest. He has a younger brother and two sisters.


Prophet Sadhu Sundar is from India 

Prophet Sadhu Sundar\’s Message 

The emphasis of Sadhu Sundar\’s message is on laying the groundwork for Jesus Christ\’s second arrival.

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Books by Prophet Sadhu Sandar 

Sadhu Sandar authored various religious books. A few of his books are listed below:

  • Visions of The Spiritual World 
  • The Art of Worship 
  • On Wings of Eagle and Dove 
  • Elijah is Coming 
  • Exercise towards godliness.

His books are available on Amazon or Goodreads for those who are interested. 


Sadhu Sundar\’s website

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