Aims And Objectives Of A Church In Nigeria

Every organization has a goal and set of objectives. The objectives serve as a guide to the body. The church is made up of those who believe in Jesus as the son of God.
Furthermore, they believed their sins had been cleansed by the blood of Jesus. Christians believe that salvation from sin came through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross of Calvary.

After over 2000 years of Christ\’s ascension, the body of believers has continued to expand. The church continued to develop from Ancient Greece and is now across the whole world.
All over the world, the goal of the Christain body is the same. They all follow the instructions of the scriptures and aim to achieve a common goal.

Today in Nigeria, we have several denominations preaching the kingdom of God. Though the approach is different, the goal is the same. So, what are the specific aims and objectives of the church?
In this article, we are going to discuss four aims and objectives of the church in Nigeria. Take a cookie and carefully read through.

Four (4) Aims And Objectives Of The Church In Nigeria

The Bible commands the body of believers to fulfill certain things while on earth. Checking through the scriptures, a lot of mandates are given to the church.

But let\’s pay attention to four specific ones in this article.

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#1 Salvation Of All Souls

According to Matt 28:19 before the ascension of Christ, believers are commanded to,

\”Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…\”

This means it\’s a commandment for the church to convert every soul to the body of Christ. This is the reason we experience Christians always knocking at our door on weekends to share the word of God.
Today, only the southern part of the country is dominated by Christians. The west has a mixture of Christians and other religions. The northern part is highly dominated by Muslims.

Christians would continue to push to establish the gospel of Christ all over the world and to everyone. This takes us to the second point.

#2. Deepening Spiritual Bond With God

Disciplining all nations is the goal of the church. Much more than people giving their life to Jesus and believing in the bloodshed on the cross of cavalry.
Deepening the spiritual connection between believers and God is the core obligation. There is no point in having people convert into Christians without having a relationship with God.

To make that happen, churches hold services that aid the teaching of God\’s word and how to effectively have a relationship with God. Without personal fellowship with God, it would be hard for believers to attain the full knowledge of God.

#3. Create A Liveable Environment

A peaceful Nigeria is achievable if everyone becomes a believer. It would be a godly, and peaceful environment. In recent years, a lot of tragic events have been caused because of religious rifts.
However, if Nigerians are God-fearing by allowing the life of God in them, there would be a reduction or total extinction of social violence.

If love increases among people, there won\’t be a need to hurt anyone because of a belief. For years, the church has been experiencing persecution from different sides.

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Attacks on churches and Christians are saddening, but it seems like they are only living in the shadow of creating a peaceful Nigeria. Nevertheless, believers have continued to push for a change in all areas of persecution.

#4 Tackle Spiritual Problem

This might look funny, but it\’s true. In fact, it contributes to 80% of the church\’s goal. The Bible solidifies the fact that spiritual things have great effects on the physical. Which in turn means the spiritual controls the physical.
In 2 Cor 4:18, the Bible states that changing the physical inadequacies starts from the spiritual realm. This is one of the reasons Christians pray to make changes in the physical and the spiritual.

Individual and generational spiritual problems can contribute to humans\’ physical challenges. The church aims to pull down both spiritual walls and operate in a demonic-free environment.


Above all, the church in Nigeria is pushing for peace and sanity in the nation. Regardless of the human and spiritual oppositions, the church is ready to war against all oppressions and make Nigeria great.

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