Franklin Akpotha: Biography, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth

If you are reading this, you must be one of the many people who are curious about knowing Franklin Akpotha. It is not surprising that he is being dug up, there are interesting facts to know about this silent icon.

The public has little knowledge of his life, despite the fact that he is the spouse of a well-known actor, film producer, teacher and brand ambassador.

Franklin Akpotha Profile

Full Names: Franklin Akpotha
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Entrepreneur 
Spouse: Chioma Akpotha
Children: Two

Franklin Akpotha is a businessman based in Lagos. He is mostly known as the spouse of Chioma Akpotha, an actress who has won awards for her skill and decency on stage.

Because of his private life on social media, he has sparked interest for his true identity among Nigerians. It was a collaborative decision between himself as his wife to keep the specifics confidential.
Franklin Akpotha’s children, birthday, career, state of origin, net worth and social media handles are not a kind of information that flies around on the internet.

Though, at a point the rumour of his divorce got the attention of many Nigerians. The state of the marriage is currently unknown.

Here are a few things that would interest you about him.


Maybe this is the part that is glaring to the public.
Chioma Akpotha is the mother of Franklin Akpotha\’s two children. There is no information indicating that he has other children with any other person.

According to his wife Chioma Akpotha, he is a devoted and loving spouse. His first child was born in 2007. The most current picture of Franklin\’s child was shared by his mother on her official Instagram account.

Like his father, his details have been kept private. His name, date of birth, place of study, and any other information are all kept private. The second child arrived years later, but full information is also kept away from the public.

In a picture posted on Chioma\’s Instagram account, the second child was visible alongside the first child, revealing the beautiful damsel.

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His age has been estimated by a variety of people, using Chioma\’s age, who is 42 years old as of 2022. Based on his appearance and stature, he is thought to be in his early fifties.

Considering the age of his wife, Franklin was probably born in the 70\’s, however, this is only an estimate.


Franklin Akpotha is a well-known businessman who operates in Lagos; nevertheless, it is unclear what his occupation is and what products or services his company provides. It was discovered that his role in the organization revolves around the executive arm in Lagos.

Divorce rumours

Rumors that Franklin Akpotha and Chioma Akpotha are no longer together have recently surfaced. These rumors do not specify whether or not their divorce has been legalised.

Till now, the issue surrounding their divorce remains cloudy. The wife hasn\’t spoken much about it, so words from the public would only be an assumption.

Before the divorce rumors, the couple, who wed in 2006, was thought to be enjoying their marriage. Recently, Chioma Akpotha admitted in an interview that it was difficult to raise two children alone.

The statement heightened the suspicion of the news. As of the time this piece was being written, there was no confirmation of a divorce or separation between Franklin and Chioma.

State of Origin

Based on credible reports, he is from Delta State. The details of the local government or town in Delta are kept private from the public and the merchant and his family.

Social Media Handles

Franklin Akpotha has only acknowledged having a Facebook and an Instagram account.

Facebook – Franklin Akpotha
Instagram @franklinakpotha

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Franklin Akpotha Net Worth

It has been challenging to determine Franklin Akpotha\’s exact net worth due to the secrecy of his firm.
His net worth, which is predicted to be between $10000 and $100000, has been calculated based on his lifestyle, home, and vehicles.

There are low tendencies of knowing more about Franklin Akpotha if the Divorce rumors are true.

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