How To Transfer Money From Sweatcoin To My Bank Account

It can be frustrating if you can see some amount in your sweatcoin account and you can\’t get transfer it to your bank account.

You must be wondering how possible that is.  Read this post to the end and get it done in minutes.

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is an app that people use to make money just by walking. The app gives you a coin that can be converted into cash just by trekking.

The coin generated from this app can be used to purchase things from different stores.

How to transfer money from Sweatcoin to my bank account

It\’s so unfortunate that right now, there are no direct means to transfer or convert your sweatcoin into perfect money presently. 

However, there are so many things you can do with sweatcoins that can make them change to a particular currency. Let\’s mention a few way to do that conversion.

 1. Using PayPal

You can send your sweatcoin to PayPal and use the fund to purchase things from stores that collect PayPal as their means of payment.

 2. Exchange for gift card

You can also exchange your sweatcoin for a gift card worth money on any platform that accepts such gift cards. You can buy any product from Amazon stores online if you exchange it for an Amazon gift card.

 3. Selling To Others

Sweatcoin is like any other cryptocurrency that can be stored, sold and transferred to get anything of your choice. There are those that deal in buying of crptocurrency. You just need to know who need, and then strike an agreement.. 

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The price for one sweatcoin may just be $0.005, but that isn\’t bad. It\’s not a bad idea to keep this coin for now because there\’s a higher tendency that the coin will increase one day. If you wish to do a conversion to cash, you can use the ways mentioned to make use of the balance.

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