How To Pass Nigerian Defence Academy Entrance Exam

It is great to serve in the Nigerian Army. Unlike the regular recruit that does only military trainings to get into the Army. The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) receives thousands of applicants every year. This is where the hurdle comes in. You have to prove yourself amongst thousands of people.

Before the major entrance exam, you will be required to take some tests. This includes medical and physical tests. These tests end the ambition of a lot of applicants. We cannot change factors like our looks or body deficiency. These factors are the determinant at that stage. So applicants can only pray and hope to qualify.

However, if you are one of the lucky few to scale through, I congratulate you. You can now face a challenge you can prepare for. This is the entrance exam. The entrance exam is a written exam based on your core subjects, general knowledge, Mathematics and English. These are tests you can influence with your commitment.  In this article, I will uncover secrets to passing NDA entrance exam.

4 Secrets To Passing NDA Entrance Exam

The secrets below would unveil areas of questioning. It would also talk about the manner of questions and other important things to note. Pay close attention.

Course-based questioning

The NDA entrance exam is divided into two sections. The first section contains subjects related to your selected course of study. If you chose economics, you might see questions on economics, government, accounting and commerce.

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It is advisable that you inquire about NDA entrance subjects for each course. Sometimes they vary from that of regular universities.

The second section is general to all applicants. It contains general Mathematics and English. It is a compulsory section.  Ignore sources that claim it is optional. The first section carries more marks than the second. But, it is important you study both. The quota of the first section is not enough to make you pass.

Objective format of question

NDA sets their questions in an objective style. This means you select an answer out of options. That has its advantages. You can recall what you read with ease.

The options can serve as hints. Sometimes, luck can also be a lifesaver. This is because we can choose the right answer despite being skeptical.

However, an objective style of questioning makes examiners set tough questions. They don’t want to make it too easy to be guessed. This should not scare you. All you need is sound preparation. The options can also confuse you. You might see more than one option seeming correct.

You will have to maintain high focus to pick a correct answer. A wrong option means zero.

Paper-based test

NDA exam is not like JAMB. You won’t be having CBT (computer-based exam). NDA entrance exam is done with pencil and paper. If you have a problem controlling a system, you can relax. You won’t be handling a computer. You will be required to shade into an answer booklet.

While picking your answer try to shade boldly. It won\’t be like a computer that recognizes your answer with a click. It is also advised that you check twice before picking an answer. If you pick a wrong answer correcting it would be difficult. Your eraser might not erase the shade completely. This would seem like double shading to the marker.

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You cannot pass an academic exam without reading. If you desire flying colors then go after it will all your strength. It might require burning several candles at night. Staying away from entertainment for a time. You can even get a paid teacher to assist you. Studying hard cannot be over-emphasized.

Extra Tips to Pass the NDA Exam

Get to the venue early:

Past applicants and cadets have testified to the advantage of arriving early. A lot of people would be using the venue so you need to arrive very early. This is regardless of when your exam is slated for. Be an early bird!!!

Practice past questions:

Learning from the past is the best. You won’t have to experience the bad side yourself. Practice past questions. This will help you to know the type of questions that are asked. It will also aid your confidence. This is if you have practiced it over and over. The questions would become familiar and easy.

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