How To Block First Bank ATM Card

You don’t need to worry if you just misplaced your First Bank ATM card. You have opened the right page and I’m going to answer your question. Can I block my ATM card without getting to the bank? Yes!

No matter what has happened to your ATM card, the first thing that should come to your mind is safety. How to protect your money should be your concern. And to do that, all you have to do is to deactivate your ATM card.

You can start to think of taking this decision when you know your First Bank ATM is not safe. To prevent getting strange alerts, all you need to do is block your ATM before you go to the bank to complain.

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How To Block Your First Bank ATM

Situations might not permit you to go to the bank to make a complaint about a stolen or lost sim card. The incident might even happen during the weekend. Which means there won’t be room to get to the bank in a couple of hours or minutes.

Your next decision is to take a measure that can immediately lead to the deactivation of the card. Here are the ways to quickly resolve it.

#1. SMS

This is one of the easiest ways to block your ATM card. Send “Block” to 30012 from your mobile number. Make sure that the number is the one connected to your account. It would be blocked within some hours.

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#2. Customer Care

It’s not compulsory you get to the bank before speaking with First bank customer care. Call 0708062500 and speak to one of their agents. One of the benefits of choosing this method over the first one is the quick response.

Your ATM would be deactivated immediately after your complaint is logged. Also, you don’t need your line before your request is granted. You can make a call from any line and any network to get through to them.

#3. First bank Mobile App

The mobile app is also quick when you have access to your phone. Follow these steps.

  1. Open the Mobile app
  2. Click the “Option” button after logging in.
  3. Click “Card Service”
  4. Select your card type.
  5. Click on the “Hotlist card” icon and continue to give right responses till your ATM card is blocked.


Delay can be dangerous and can lead to great loss. Take action the moment you know your ATM card is no longer secure.

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