How To Check Sterling Bank Account Balance

Today, we would check out ways to check your sterling bank account balance. Since the introduction of internet banking, it has been easy to achieve a lot of things with access to the internet.

Mobile banking has made it easy for everyone to be able to enjoy different services provided by the bank from their mobile phones. For example, sometimes ago it impossible to top-up your airtime from your bank account.  You need to have a cash and approach a vendor to buy.

Pressing a USSD code can help you make several transactions. And using banking apps can be a great help in doing a lot of things without stepping into the banking hall.

3 Ways To Check Your Stanbic Bank Account Balance

#1. USSD Code

You would only be able to do this on the number linked to your account. Dial *822*6#. Follow the next steps to get your account balance.

#2. Sterling Bank Mobile App

Sterling bank supports the use of mobile app. Many would prefer to use the mobile app to check their account balance. Some might consider the USSD code stressful. If you are in this shoe, you can consider using the app.

To use the app, follow these procedures.

  1. Download the mobile app if you don’t have it before
  2. Register your account on the app.
  3. Click on the “menu” icon and select balance

#3. Internet Banking

Another way to check your balance is by logging in to your Sterling Bank account online. Go to and sign up. You would be required to fill in some details to be sure its you. After that, you can sign in and use the account.

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To make a better use of your account, you need to be accustomed to internet banking. It makes banking easier in this era of technology.

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