Introduction To Business Studies For The JSS1 Student

What is Business Studies and why is it an essential course for every JSS1 student? This article is an introduction to the subject and might differ from your regional recommended study tools.
Please refer to your local bookshop and curriculum if you are looking to prepare a study guide.

Business Studies: Definition

Business Studies is a course in education that puts together the basic elementary knowledge and skills in organizing business enterprises.
It involves the combination of inter-related business subjects that will lead you to acquire business-related knowledge and skills.

Importance of Business Studies

Some of the importance of Business Studies include:-

  • Development of basic skills to help in office practice.
  • Preparation of students to help in further learning in Business Studies.
  • To help acquire basic knowledge of Business Studies.
  • Provision of basic skills for future personal uses.
  • Helping students gather knowledge and skills to improve the national economy.
  • Update the student\’s knowledge on current information technology ie the internet.
  • Provide skills and orientation to enable them to start life after their education.

Components of Business Studies

The five components of Business Studies include:-

Office Practice

This is to help them acquire skills and knowledge for office occupation and administration.

Computer Studies

Computer Studies deals with the use of computers. It involves learning how the computers process data, solve problems and carry out tasks.

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This involves the production, exchange and distribution of goods and services in an organization.


Book-keeping sees to the keeping and documentation of financial records in an organization.


It involves the preparation and production of documents in an organization.

Career Opportunities in Business Studies

Some of the career opportunities available to people who have a knowledge of Business Studies include but are not limited to:-

  • Computer operators
  • Typists
  • Salesmen
  • Bookkeepers and accounts clerks
  • Receptionists

They can also be self-employed.


  1. What is Business Studies?
  2. Mention 5 importance of Business Studies.
  3. State 5 components of Business Studies.
  4. List 3 career opportunities available to people who studied Business Studies.

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