What Kind Of Business Can I Start With 30,000 Naira As A Nigerian?

Being a Nigerian is difficult, but having less than the minimum wage to start a business with is a much more headache. While there are a lot of businesses you can start with ₦30,000, I am not here to tell you to start selling belts or probably, run a mini-kiosk.
The businesses I\’ll talk about are career paths you can launch with little or no capital, and the major investment you need will be a computer in case of something internet-based.

There are even some which you only need a mobile phone and internet connection to set off.

10 Online Businesses You Can Launch With ₦30,000 In Nigeria

There are some internet-based businesses you can start with less than 30 thousand Naira capital, and we will be seeing a few of them:-


Running a blog can be expensive, especially when you are trying to start big. I have previously published an article on how you can start blogging for almost free in Nigeria.

To start a low budget blog as a Nigerian, all you need to do is purchase your domain name and launch the blog on Blogger.com.
There are a lot of advantages Blogspot has over WordPress and other hosting platforms, and there is a vice versa too.

All you need to budget for include data, domain name and possibly one or two affordable tutorials.

Affiliate Marketing

I made a review of the Expertnaire platform recently. Affiliate marketing is way more than Expertnaire but it\’ll give you a hint of what it looks like.
All you need to do is pick up on other people\’s products and market them. Take for instance, you can become an affiliate for an automobile dealer.

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Assuming the car is ₦2 million, you can make 2% of the earnings per sell, which is ₦40,000.
It might not be so easy, but a random tweet can actually land you the biggest sell of your week.


Dropshipping involves promoting a product you don\’t have in stock.
You can advertise other vendors\’ products, say shoes and when people order from you, you will order from the vendor and deliver.

Assuming you\’re dropshipping a shoe from platform A when someone places an order all you need is to place the same order from platform A and enter their address and phone number.
The product will be sent directly to them and you\’ll never get to touch it.

Freelance Writing

You can make a lot of money from freelancing and writing is a major part of the craft.
If you\’re a good writer, there are a good number of freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork where you can sign up and begin to get clients for yourself.

The majority of them are free and you\’ll only spend to get tutorials, subscribe and possibly, watch YouTube videos since they are free for everyone.

Ghost Writing

This is very similar to freelance writing and could actually mean the same thing.
With ghostwriting, you do not take credit for your works and the clients pay for the rights.
You can work on anything from blog posts to stories and even movie scripts.

As for clients, you can pimp up your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and pitch clients on them.

Web designing

The major money you need to start a career as a web designer is for the training. You can however take your time and set a target to learn on YouTube and other platforms.
The bulk of clients I have ever gotten as a web designer was from my social media platforms and referrals, and I have never had to run ads, even though I plan to.

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If you\’re taking web designing as a career, then it is very necessary you map out promotional plans including paid ads to get clients.

Information Marketing

Assuming you know how to get flights for 75% of the price and you feel others don\’t, you can decide to package it as a tutorial and sell.
It could be sold as a digital product ie ebooks, videos and podcasts or a physical product, like a book.

The most interesting thing about information marketing is you get to sell at your price and another thing, you do not even need a very huge portfolio.
In fact, a majority of people who ever purchased my courses have never known me.
You can leverage Twitter trends, forums like Nairaland and social media groups to promote and make money for yourself.

Social Media Management

If you\’re good at creating content and using any social media platform, you can begin to help people manage their accounts.
For the images, tools like Canva will do the magic and the owner of the account will promote it with their money.

With time you will begin to make money off referrals and you can have a good number of testimonials to use as your sample.


Youtubing is another great way of making money. You can leverage the knowledge of SEO to create contents users will discover, watch and subscribe to without spending a dime.

As for the videos, there are a good number of very affordable Android, iPhone and PC software you can use to make magic.
The only limit to your success as a video content creator is your creativity.

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Graphics Designing

If you\’re a good graphics designer, you can sign up for freelance websites like Fiverr to make money creating banners, editing photos and more for people.
There are tons of websites that have already made amazing templates so you do not even need to be the best in the art.

Aside from this, talking about that you are a graphics designer on your social media alone is enough to bring you clients and when you deliver, you make more money off referrals.


There are over a hundred cool ways to make money online without capital as a Nigerian. You do not even need to break your pocket as a beginner, and your mobile phone can be enough for many of the methods.

All it takes is your consistency and connecting with the best minds, and in six months you will be glad you took the giant step!

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