Richest Local Government In Cross River State – 2022 Ranking

You are not the only one curious about the richest local government in Cross River.

In a state like Cross River, where the competition of local wealth is high, it is interesting and beneficial to know who is acing the game. 

The level of wealth in a governmental territory is based on commerce and the economic survival of the territory. This means knowing the richest local government in Cross River can give a hint of where your business can make the most profit in Cross River.

In this article, I will tell you about the richest local government in Cross River and how they achieved it. This can also tell you the sector that hits best in the area. If you are not a businessman or investor, The knowledge that would be shared is of value to anyone on earth.

Now let\’s know the Richest local government in Cross River.

List Of Top Three (3) Richest Local Government

Ikom Local Government

Anyone residing in Cross River should expect Ikom local government on this list. The local government is one of the most popular and populous local governments in Cross River state.

Obudu Local Government

Yes! It is the one you know. Obudu cattle ranch is located in this local government. The Local government is known for tourism and is a center of attraction.

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Calabar Municipal Local Government

The Local government that has recorded the highest inflow and outflow of goods and services in Cross River is Calabar Municipal. It is by far the Richest local government in Cross River.

3 Reasons Why Calabar Municipal Is The Richest LG

Historic Advantage

Calabar municipal has a long line of beautiful opportunities that matter. These opportunities converted into little signs of progress while other Local governments were still disorganized. The age of civilization alone is a good reason why Calabar municipal is among the richest Local Government.

One of the notable occurrences was when Calabar Municipal became the capital of the western region. Although it was transferred to Lagos in 1904, it only proves that ever The LG has something special about it. The effect of being a capital city still shows in the way of life of Calabar Municipal.

Tertiary Institutions

Tertiary institutions can boost the economy of an area beyond your expectation. It indirectly invites people to check a place out, and after their study program, a good number decide to stay. How about when you have the chance to have more than one tertiary institution?

The University of Calabar is sited in Calabar Municipal Local government. With over 40,000 active students, the University has created a city in a city. 

The Cross River University of Technology is also located in the same Calabar Municipal LG. The Cross River University of Technology is the university of the state and has a staggering number of 14,000 students.

NOUN (National Open University) is an Online University owned by the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This University has its headquarters and campus in Calabar Municipal.

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Commercial Activity

The buying and selling of goods is a key action in any prosperous society. Calabar municipal local government is not short of the commercial factor at all as it has 4 big markets under its territory. This has heightened commerce in the local government.

The 4 Markets in Calabar Municipal are Timber market Akia Efa, Ikot Ishie market, Marian market, and Ikot Eno Obong Market. People come in from other parts of the country to buy things at a cheaper price in these markets. Or get products that are scarce in other parts of the country.

Final Thoughts

A lot of things contributed to the development of Calabar Municipal but, there is one thing I must mention before I end this. Cooperation among the local government residents served as a catalyst for the good plan shaping out.  For me, I think it is the greatest reason for the success of Calabar Municipal.

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