Trustremit Login, Registeration, Benefits And Everything To Know

Getting money transferred is not always easy. Even with commercial banks, money transfers are not always convenient.

No matter how easy banks make money transfers, at times there will be a constraint.

One good way to achieve ease with money transfers is through a platform whereby one can make transfers without visiting any bank. Trustremit makes this a reality, as you can make international transfers using Trustremit.

What is Trustremit and How to Register On TrustRemit

Trustremit is an online money transfer service. It allows one to transfer money to various parts of Africa using a smartphone, laptop, or other Internet-enabled gadgets. Visit the official website for the TrustRemit Africa account registeration.

How To Use Trust Remit

To make use of the Trustremit service, you have to make a registration and log in first. The login is free and without price. The needed details for the login are the user\’s name in full, the user\’s email, user\’s password. 

After the creation of an account, you select your transfer details. The transfer details include the receiver\’s destination, transfer method, and all. 

The next step is to choose the amount to send. After providing the transfer details, select the amount you want to send. Each currency\’s charges and exchange rate are calculated during this session. 

The next step is to select recipients that would receive the payment. You could select some beneficiaries saved already, and you could also input new details for the beneficiary.

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After these, then you can select your preferred payment method. 

Benefits of Trustremit


You can make transfers independently without relying on banks.

It is fast

Transfers with Trustremit are fast as you can do them anywhere, as long as there is internet connection. You can make transfers anytime, any day.

It saves time as you won\’t need to compulsorily visit any bank branch whenever you need to make transfers.


In summary, Trustremit makes money transfers much easier and more convenient, as transfers are made individually and independently without any physical connection with the bank. 

Trustremit got you covered for all international money transfers in Africa. It makes the transfer faster and easier. Transfer can also be done anywhere, anytime, or any day as you\’re not restricted to bank working days.
You can also choose to download the Trust Remit apk on Google Playstore.

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