3 Sites To Read News And Get Paid In Nigeria

Many won’t believe there are websites to read news and get paid for it. 

This doesn’t just work in old times; till now, in 2022, there are sites you can get paid for reading and posting articles.  

You read the news almost daily; you can start getting paid for such. Let me show you five websites that are still ready to pay you for reading on their site. 

3 Top Websites To Read News And Get Paid

1. News Naira 

News naira is one the best online platform to make money while you read online. It is not just limited to reading online alone; you can also earn through other means. When you post an article, share the post, log in daily and post articles. 

News naira is a big stage for content writers and people who love to read articles. You can give it a try. 

2. Top News 

Another site you would love to consider is Top News. Almost similar to News naira, but they have a different approach. You start getting paid after registering for the site. You get paid for reading and posting articles on the platform. Also, you get an amount for sharing any post on the site to your Facebook account.  Top news  pay people for referring other to their site. When you invite a friend to join you, there would be a commission. 

3. Insta Naira

This app is concerned with making coins by engaging in different activities. Unlike other platforms that deal with naira, Insta naira is concerned with accumulating coins when you read the news.
There is no limit to how much money you can make daily. However, you need a minimum of 2000 coins before you can place a withdrawal. Download the app, and you can start earning.

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You cannot make a fortune by using this app as a source of income. But you can start generating passive income through it. Spending a few hours checking up on recent stories in the country can earn you money. 

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