List of All Polaris Bank Codes You Should Know

Have you been finding it difficult to make transfers with your phone as a Polaris Bank User? Do you know that you can actually create a Polaris Bank Account just with your mobile phone without visiting any Polaris Bank Branch?

Well if you’re in such shoes, you’d better stop worrying about that because on this article, we’ll be showing you series and tons of Polaris Bank Codes you should know.

Now without hesitation let’s delve into the article;

How to Open a Polaris bank Account with Just Your Phone

In other for you to open a Polaris Bank Account you will have to follow the following steps below;

  • Simply dial *883*1# and send
  • After that step, follow the prompt and simple input your details (Such as your name, date of birth and some other related information about yourself)
  • As soon as you are done with that process, you will receive a message which will confirm that you have successfully opened an account with Polaris Bank.

However, you will also receive other messages of which most will contain your account details and the necessary steps you should follow in the validation of your newly created account.

How to Activate or Register Polaris Bank USSD Code

The simple Polaris Bank USSD Code is *883# and below is a comprehensive guide on How to Activate or Register Polaris Bank USSD Code;

  • The first thing for you to do is to dial the Polaris Bank USSD Code (which is *883#) with the number you created the account with.
  • After that, kindly follow the prompt command and input your account number
  • Now the next thing for you to do is to enter your desired 4 digit pin. This pin will be your USSD PIN
  • After that process, your balance will be displayed and you’re now registered for Polaris Bank USSD Smart Banking.
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How to Check Your Polaris Bank Account Balance

Now for you to check your Polaris Bank Account Balance, there are basically four methods you can use in other to achieve this.

Below are the methods to use in other for you to check your Polaris Bank Account Balance;


You can easily check your Polaris Bank Account Balance by just dialing *883*6# and you will receive a direct message to your phone which contains your current Polaris Bank Account Balance.

Debit Card (ATM Card):

This is actually another easy method you can use in other to check your Polaris Bank Account Balance.

Just visit any bank ATM Gallery and slot in your Debit Card, after which you just input your ATM PIN and then follow the prompt and click on check balance, and that’s all.

Polaris Bank Mobile App:

This is actually another method to easily check your Polaris Bank Account Balance without going through workloads and stresses. All you need to do in this method is just to go to Play Store and download the Polaris Bank Mobile App.

After installing this app, kindly register with your account details and your ATM Card numbers. When you successfully register on the app, you’ll virtually see your Polaris Bank Account Balance.

Bank Statement:

Using your bank statement is also another method you can easily use in other for you to check your Polaris Bank Account Balance. This method favors those that lost the number they used in registering their Polaris Bank Account.

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All you need to do is to simply go to any of the Polaris Bank branch and request for your account statement and that’s all.

How to Easily Buy Airtime Or Recharge Card With Polaris Bank USSD Code

In other for you to buy airtime or recharge card from Polaris Bank USSD Code, there are literally two patterns on how to achieve this. Yes! You can either buy for yourself, or buy for a third party (your friend, family spouse etc).

If you want to buy airtime for yourself, kindly dial this; *883*The Amount of Airtime# then send (For example: *883*500#).

Now if you want to buy for a third party, simply dial this; *883*The Amount of Airtime*The Persons Phone Number# then send (For Example: *883*500*08044309321#).


I believe that by now you’d be able to navigate most Polaris Bank USSD functionalities and options. Hopefully, we’ll make sure that we serve you with the best and well researched content so you can always recommend us.

Meanwhile, having gone through this account; hope you’ve been able to find what you were looking for? Hope this article met your expectation? If yes kindly send us feedback using the comment box below and you can also do us well by sharing this article with friends, thanks.

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