How To Activate MTN Share and Sell

How to activate MTN Share and Sell has actually been the quest of so many MTN Users. So many individuals find it difficult to navigate their way to activating MTN Share and Sell.

Great news! Do you know that you can easily do this all by yourself without workloads?

Do you also know that you can also activate MTN Share and Sell even if you’re a new MTN user?

Greatly, in this content; we’ll be sharing with you the quickest and the simplest navigation on how to Activate MTN Share and Sell. If you’re an MTN User searching for how to easily activate MTN Share and Sell worry less because in a nutshell, you’ll find your way to the steps.

Meanwhile, before we proceed I will like you all to know what MTN Share and Sell is all about and this leads us to ask;

What is MTN Share and Sell?

This is a service that gives MTN Users the license to share and transfer airtime from one MTN number to another. This means that if you activate MTN Share, you can easily share airtime to any MTN number.

The good news with this MTN service is that you can use it regardless of the age of your number. This is to say that you can use this service even if you are using a new MTN SIM.

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Meanwhile, this service was formerly known as Share N Sell

How to Transfer MTN Credit to Another MTN Line

For you to get started with this service you will first of all change the pin from the default pin to your desired pin.

This is to ensure the safety of your MTN Share N Sell service password. However, without the password, you can’t and won’t be able to send airtimes to people.

How to Change Transfer Pin on MTN

You can’t possibly transfer airtime from one MTN number to another if you don’t change the default MTN transfer code which is 0000.

Meanwhile, there are basically two ways to change the default pin to your desired pin.

  1. USSD Code (Simply dial *600*0000*Your New Pin*Your New Pin# then send).
  2. Text Message (Go to create message and type 0000[Space][Your New Pin][Space][Your New Pin] then send to 777

How to Easily Transfer Airtime From one MTN Line to another

In this very segment, I’ll be sharing with you all the step by step guide on how to find your way into MTN Share N Sell service. However before we delve into it properly I will like you to know that there’s obviously no limit of daily transaction and the minimum amount of airtime you can send daily is N50.

Now if you want to easily transfer airtime from one MTN Line to another you will definitely have to follow these steps below;

  • Go to your phones message
  • Click on create new message/conversation
  • Write a message following this format ‘Transfer [space] Recipient’s phone number [space] Airtime Amount [space] Transfer Pin then send message to 777.
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After sending this message, then wait for a couple of minutes or probably seconds, you will receive a message that confirms the success of the airtime transfer.

Nevertheless, you should also be aware that each transfer attracts a service fee. There’s always a service fee charge whenever you make any transfer to another MTN number.

Below are some charge rates;

  • For N1 to N100 Airtime (Charges N3)
  • For N101 to N500 Airtime (Charges N5)
  • For N501 to N5000 Airtime (Charges 10)


Having gone through this short and precise article, hope you were able to find what you were looking for? And I hope this article also met your expectation? Do you have any question to ask? Or perhaps you might have a suggestion to render?

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