Easy Guide On How To Get Opay POS

Are you looking for credible ways to get Opay POS?

You have probably asked around, maybe from your friends, Opay\’s customer care services, and now you are on the web still looking for how to get Opay POS but still haven\’t seen the information you need.

However, you don\’t have to search anymore for how you can get it because, in this article, I will explain in detail how you can successfully get Opay POS yourself easily.

But, before I start giving you the details on how you can successfully get this POS yourself, you will need to know about Opay and some vital details about Opay POS.

What Are Opay and Opay POS?

Many have raised the question: who\’s the owner of Opay, the full meaning of Opay, their head office, what is Opay POS, and more.

First of all, Opay is a sister app to Opera Mini, which is owned by a Chinese company. Opera Mini is known as a browser, and it\’s also ranked as one of the most used apps in Africa and the world at large. Opay is not the only sister app owned by this Chinese company, there are more apps like OperaNews, Oride, and more.

Regardless, not everyone knows the full meaning of Opay but only knows that it is an application used for transactions. However, the full meaning of Opay is known as Operamini Pay, and right now, they are known to be one of the best transaction applications in Africa.

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Additionally, making transactions is not the only function of Opay. There are other things you can do using the application, such as investing, making sales, buying cards and data, and so on. While the usage of Opay has these functions, there are more things you can do using Opay POS. Which means Opera mini pay point of sale. With Opay POS, there are a lot of functions such as earning, withdrawing, depositing, and many more. But to earn, you have to become an agent or marchant, and by that, you will get the POS.

Benefits of Using Opay POS

There are a lot of benefits derived from using Opay POS, which include:

  • There are no unnecessary charges.
  • There\’s an easy way to contact Opay customer care service.
  • Stable airline service and more.

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining Opay POS

There\’s not much stress when trying to get Opay POS in this digital world. However, here I will explain in detail the steps involved in getting Opay POS yourself.

Firstly, download the application (Opay App).

The first step involved in getting an Opay POS is to download the application (opay app). This is because without you downloading the application, there is no way you can successfully apply for the POS.

To download the application, you can get it on the Google Play store or it can be sent to you on your mobile device. Although, these days, most new phones, particularly Tecno and Infinix, include Opay applications by default.

Secondly, you have to register.

Registering on Opay is free. However, some details are needed. If you are registering to get a POS, To register, you have to select the merchant option and you will be asked to submit some of your details, such as your national identity number, NEPA bill, and other valid details about you. Although, at most times, some people would have already applied as a merchant and would need to be an agent or only need the POS.

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If this is you, don\’t panic.

There\’s an option to register for it on the application, but only after you have registered as a merchant or an agent.
When requesting for POS, some valid details about you would be required of you to upload whether or not to accept your requests for the POS.

Additionally, there\’s this rumour that requesting Opay POS is not free and that you will need to pay for it, which is not true. When applying for Opay POS, it is free, but your account must be funded with at least #20,000 naira.

Lastly, after requesting your POS, you will have to wait for at least 24 to 48 hours for it to be reviewed to see if you will be approved for the POS. If you have been approved for the POS, an agent within your location will contact you and provide all the necessary information needed for you to pick up your POS.

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