Step By Step Guides On How To Start A Gold Business in Nigeria

How to start Gold Business in Nigeria — Tips to succeed, as well safety measures to follow.

You are in Nigeria, and you want to start or venture into Gold business, without getting your fingers burnt in the process, then your heart is indeed indicting a good matter, as you fix your eyes on this article. Trust me, you will be glad you read through.

Gold is a precious metal, whose durability and usability is almost not equaled by any other natural occurring metal on Earth. By durability, I mean it has ability to last quite a good number of time, unaffected by anything, but that\’s no excuse to treat it carelessly. Previous things should be kept precious.

Ornament for adornment, in the form of a necklace, wrist watch, ring, bangles and bracelets, earrings and all the many forms of ornaments we love to appear in to enhance our dress sense are usually made of Gold.

Meanwhile, the chief source of income that seems to be the ultimate value of Gold in respect to being a legal tender, is in the carefully cut out bars which are usually rectangular, that sell for quite an awesome fortune.

This seems to be where many pitch their tents, in their explorative search for building an empire of wealth trading Gold. It usually takes the form of buying and reselling at a much more advantageous price than it was bought, probably a few years back.

Having said all these, the question I believe needs to be addressed quickly is in the following lines.

Step By Step Guides On How To Start Gold Business in Nigeria

On this very segment, I will be unveiling the step by step guides on how you can start

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1. Learn All You Can About The Industry:

It\’s never enough to go into the gold business with just a desire, you must give time and resources to learning the rudiments of Hd business in Nigeria. Learning also covers how to buy and sell. This is because buying and selling is an act that needs learning.

2. Find a Trusted Supplier:

Now here is where the whole game becomes dicey, gold in it\’s natural form is 99.9% pure, and has 24 karat of gold with no other metal mixed up. So invariably your supplier kind of decides the type of gold you are selling.

Therefore it is imperative that you search out the best dealers in the field, so that you won\’t get your fingers burnt.

3. Get The Needed Equipment for Your Gold Business:

It all depends on which sector you are majoring in, but equipment must be purchased to make the easier.

Measuring scales for weighing gold, gold testing kits for identifying fake gold from real gold, and security doors and burglary proofs are few of the equipment you will be needing to succeed as a gold vendor.

Meanwhile, the production stages, may mean you will purchase smelting devices, forging tools and molding tools of different sizes etc.

4. Secure a Suitable Physical Location:

This applies if you are going fully into onsite gold vending. You need to get a place where your customers can easily access you. In Nigeria, the mention of gold is highly pitched in cities like Lagos, Kano, and Abuja, so in any of these states you can secure a safe store or shop to start trading your gold.

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5. Register Your Gold Business:

Get a suitable and appealing company name, and head towards Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) office to document and register your business name. So as to maintain relevance in that business line.

If you don\’t have any clue on how to do that kindly click on this link here

6. Create Awareness:

You may assume people know, not until you intimate them, of the services you offer. Go all out to notify the public of what you do by leveraging on physical and online advertising mediums to reach the target audience.

7. Start Buying and Selling:

Once you\’ve gotten the coast cleared, and all these factors talked about are in place, all that remains is that you jump straight into the buying and selling gold, and start building your dream empire of wealth.

In conclusion, the gold business is a Profitable business venture to consider in Nigeria, and with these outlined steps listed above, I believe you\’ve got no problems starting a Profitable Gold business in Nigeria.

But before we let you go, never forget that networking with the top guns in the industry, and other firms is of utmost necessity, so go ahead to identify with those in your chosen locality.


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