Peanut Burger Production Business In Nigeria: The Beginner’s Guide

With the current economic situation in Nigeria, there is need for everybody to have more than one source of income. Everyone wants to go into into businesses that you don’t trust of thousands on a daily basis but founding is the major factor.

However I want to introduce to you a profitable business in Nigeria that you can do with little capital and the business is Peanut Burger Production.

Peanut burger is one of the Nigerian street snacks that is delicious and loved by everybody, both young and old. It is affordable and loved by school children, teachers, office workers, etc. You don’t need to break a bank before buying peanut burger.

Before venturing into any business, there must be a target market. You need to study your market before you start production and before you introduce any product or service to the people. You need to identify your customers and how you are going to get your product across to them.

This will guide your steps in every decision you want to take while embarking on your business journey.

Materials Needed To Produce Peanut Burger

There are some basic things you need to start your production.
These are:

  • Big frying pan
  • Big frying spoon
  • Big iron sieve
  • Big outdoor gas stove
  • Gas cylinder and hose
  • Big stainless steel tray

Ingredients needed include the following:

  • 3 cups of fresh groundnuts
  • One bottle of groundnut oil
  • 3 cups of all purpose flour
  • Half cup of sugar
  • 3 large eggs
  • A pinch of salt
  • Half cup of milk powder
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Procedures For Making Peanut Burger

  • If you are getting fresh raw groundnuts, you need to roast your them before anything.
  • Start by soaking the groundnuts in hot water and add some salt to it. Leave it to soak for few minutes before sieving the groundnuts and allowing them to drain properly. Then roast in a large pan by continuously stirring over low heat. Set the groundnut aside after roasting.
  • Crack the eggs in a separate bowl, add a pinch of salt and some spoons of sugar to the eggs and mix thoroughly.
  • Then sieve the flour in a separate bowl, add the milk powder and mix well.
  • Take another bowl, add some of the roasted groundnuts, add some egg mixture and mix them carefully. Then sprinkle some flour over the groundnuts and shake till they become coated in flour. Sprinkle more flour till the groundnuts are completely covered by the layers of flour.
  • Fry in hot groundnut or vegetable oil till golden brown.
  • Spread on the stainless steel tray for cooling.
  • Repeat the process above for the remaining groundnuts.

Remember, the procedure above is mainly for practice, for you to be well familiar with making peanut burger at home. To be a professional in the field, you need to learn from a professional pastry chef.

Packaging Your Peanut Burger

We have many brands of peanut burger in the market, one of the ways to make yours unique is to get attractive packaging packs and increase the quantity of your burger in each packs.

People are attracted to what they see and feel. Invest in quality graphics design for your packaging nylon and labels in case you are supplying in jars and bottles.

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If you are supplying in jars, have jars of various sizes like 250g, 500g or 1kg. Bottles of 50cl and 75cl can also be used for packaging your burgers.


Peanut burger is a street snack, so, start your marketing from your street. Advertise to schools around you and supply the food vendors in large quantities.

Bring your marketing online. Leverage several social media platforms to market your products. You can make use of WhatsApp statuses, Instagram posts, and even run Facebook ads for your business.

Don’t be shy of advertising ‘common peanut burger’ (as some people might call it). It is your business, if you don’t advertise it, who will?

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