Price of Plastic Fish Pond in Nigeria And Where To Get It

Fish farming is one of the most lucrative agricultural businesses you can start as a Nigerian. Fishes are in high demand and you only need to be properly placed to sell very well. There is so much information online, both blogs and Youtube channels where you can learn about fish farming so I won\’t be stressing about that.

Advantages of Fish Farming

Some of the reasons people go into fish farming include:

Fish sell quick

The demand is very high so you are sure you are going to sell out. They are cheaper than meat and fairly popular.

They mature quickly

With the right feed, your fish will mature very quickly and be ready for the market.

They are also nutritious

Fish contain Omega-3, protein and other nutrients which are in high demand. They are also very rich in calcium and phosphorus and equally a great source of minerals, like iron, iodine, zinc, magnesium, and potassium.

No environmental hazard

Unlike other livestock farming like poultry and pig farms, fish ponds don\’t constitute any environmental hazard and can be anywhere, even in your living compound.
You only have to control mosquitoes which normally would come around if there are open water tanks.

If you don\’t want to build permanent fish ponds, you can consider the use of plastic ponds.

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Plastic Fish Ponds – Review

Plastic fish ponds are temporary structures set up to house your fish. They save a lot of space and money and you can move them from place to place.
The prices of these things depend on the sizes and as a farmer, you have to get the ones which suit your products.

Advantages of Plastic Ponds

Some of the reasons people go for plastic ponds include;

  • They can be easily moved across locations.
  • Plastic fish ponds can be used to raise fingerlings before they are moved to the main ponds.
  • You can also use them to learn the business of fish farming.
  • They can be used to raise fish anywhere.

Disadvantages of Plastic Fish Ponds

Some disadvantages of plastic ponds include;

  • If not well monitored, the fish could get overcrowded.
  • Changing of the water can also be more difficult.

Price of Plastic Fish Ponds in Nigeria

There are many brands and sizes and their prices go from anything around  ₦35,000 to ₦170,000 and above.
A used 1000-litre IBC tank on Jiji costs ₦35,000 and there are even cheaper ones while a 5,000-litre Geepee fish pond cost ₦150,000 and above, depending.

In conclusion, these prices will be different with location and you should also consider transportation if you are buying from somewhere far from your residence.
There are other options you can consider if you don\’t want to go for the plastic ponds and don\’t forget to drop your reviews below.

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