7 Tips On How To Start And Grow A Nursery And Primary School In Nigeria

There will always come the starting phase of every man. The future is sure looking promising but will definitely need a good and proper start to be accomplished.

On that note then, kids in their tender age, will sit under the watchful eyes of their teachers during their first years in school so as to be cultured and given a feeling of what the world generally looks like away from home.

Furthermore, the nursery and primary stage of learning is very Important in the lives of growing kids, for that is majorly the formative stage of their lives, so if not for anything else, their future depends on it, and so must not be joked with.

If you\’ve read up to this point, then you are probably seeking for a proper guide on how to raise a Nursery and primary school in Nigeria.

In just a matter of minutes, you will get to find out how soon. It\’s not a big deal, neither is it a get rich quick scheme, we are talking about kids here, so most definitely time, care and undivided attention must be given to their well Intentioned growth and development.

You must be willing to condone certain misgivings and be ready to go head on with risks.

This is not some ploy or attempt to discourage you from starting, if you have that as one of your life agendas, then go ahead.

With the right mindset, genuine love for children, and mapped out capital for a start then you are on your way to excelling in the business.

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Moreover, every business venture will always incure certain amount of Risks, So it\’s no big deal, because they will definitely be surmounted.

7 Skyrocketing Steps On Start and Grow a Nursery and Primary School in Nigeria

Now to the business of the day,
How can I start a Nursery and primary school in Nigeria ?
To start with;

1. Have a Vision, and decide the kind of school to be started;

There should be a set vision, that serves as a running guide to direct affairs. In as much as raising a learning environment for toddlers and kids is the goal, the first question should be, what kind of school are we going for?

This question decides the capital to be pumped in, and other points of considerations that should be addressed.

2. Conduct a feasibility study on your environment;

Now you have an idea of what you want to venture into, the next question now should be, can this present environment support the proposed plan I am working with.

Truth be told, there are localities where the value of education is poorly rated, so if you are in such areas, your dream school may actually be forced to make adjustments.

Environment plays a key factor here. Conduct your search Properly.

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3. Settle on your start-up Capital;

How much is budgeted and set aside to serve as start-up capital, decides so many things, so it must be settled before starting.

As would always be the case, starting requires one growing as his current state can carry.

4. Choose a location;

Here is where you decide, if you are going for a rented space, or you are raising a building yourself, or maybe you already have an existing physical structure on ground, all the same it must be settled.

5. Get school Materials;

Since this is actually for kids, then materials here includes, chairs, tables, beddings, alphabet and numeral charts, toys and other fascinating stuffs, they can play around with, and help their mental development.

6. Recruit your staff;

I must say here that children friendliness should be the yardstick to employing and recruiting workers.

A jovial and smiling face that would get along quickly with kids, influences their learning adaptability.

7. Registration of Your school;

Taking this last of all, doesn\’t perpetually subject it to being the last point of consideration, it can come first, or maybe in between, but it is very necessary and must be done.

There could be many more things to do, but if you follow these simple steps, I\’m sure your school should be up and running in no time.
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