How To Start A Debate Greeting: Learn To Introduce Yourself And Greet

A debate is a form of formally organized argument. It is usually between members of two opposing sides where the two sides try to express their views to establish their points.
The importance of knowing how to debate cannot be underemphasized and it spreads even beyond the school walls.

Features of a debate:-

Before we talk about how to start a debate greeting, there are a few features that debates will most likely have;

  • Team: There are normally two teams with opposing views and they have at least two members each.
  • The judge: In most debates there might not be an eventual winner, however for formalities sake there would always be a judge, or judges.
  • Timekeeper: Since you won\’t be having all the time in the world, someone would be there to check the time and usher in your opponent.
  • Moderator: The moderator will anchor the event and enforce the rules and regulations.
  • Audience: These are the fans and I know no artist would love to perform to an empty audience.

Features of a Quality Debate Presentation

Some of the features of a quality presentation include;

  • Logical: Your points have to make common sense. They have to be rational, articulate and explicit.,
  • Persuasive: In a debate your aim should be to persuade others to join your point of view.
  • Informative: You can\’t expect to win without teaching something new. Your debate should be informative.
  • Well Structured: In winning a debate, the importance of your language structure cannot be underestimated.
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Types of Debates

Some of the different types of debates include:

  • Spontaneous Argumentation (SPAR)
  • Team Policy Debate
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate
  • Parliamentary Debate
  • Cross-Examination
  • Public Forum Debate

How To Start A Debate Greeting

There are many ways to start a debate greeting and I will be giving some examples below.
Now before I continue, we can all agree that this is the most popular;

“Good day, Mr Moderator, the panel of (impartial) judges, accurate timekeeper, my co-debaters, and the audience.
I am here to propose/oppose the motion, which asserts that” (States motion).” with the following arguments of mine…”

This is very popular and has been used by almost every graduate of a Nigerian institution.
If you are looking for something different, you can consider these;

Example 2:

Good day to you, the judges, my honourable competitors and audience members.
My name is xyz, and I’ll be giving you a rundown of why I’ve concluded that “MOTION” is a subject I must address with “NO (If you are against it)/YES (If you are in support).”

Example 3:

To the distinguished members of the jury, the esteemed faculty, and my fellow competitors, I bid a hearty “good morning” (if it is morning).
I want to bring to your attention today some of my thoughts in support of (if you are in favour of) or opposition to (if you are against) the motion (say your topic).

Example 4: 

“Good afternoon, distinguished judges, participants of the opposing team, Chairlady, and audience members.
I serve as the leader of the affirmative team.
The subject of our motion for today is…”

Example 5:

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“Good afternoon, esteemed judges, honourable opponents, faculty members, and audience members.
I (NAME) would want to use this opportunity to sincerely offer my appreciation for your interest in the (SUBJECT ).
I like to begin by stating that I am proclaiming my support [for/against] the motion, and if it is okay with you, I would like to declare that…’

There are many other ways through which you can start your debate and honestly, the judges would prefer you present something a bit unique.

While many debates would eventually have no winner, there is a satisfaction that comes with performing very well.
What do you think?

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