Easy Steps On How To Start Crayfish Business in Nigeria

On this very article, we will be showing you a step-by-step guide on how to start crayfish business in Nigeria. Kindly make sure you read this article to the very end so that you won\’t miss out on any line. However, it may Interest you to know that one highly sort after Sea Food in Nigeria is Crayfish, Owing to it\’s Highly nutritious content, coupled with it\’s spicy nature.

Crayfish adds such an amazing and unique blend of taste and aroma to dishes.
Its Presence in a Plate of Rice, beans, yam, Stew or soup gives such tantalizing aroma, that can journey long distances and make for Increasing Salivating and the Continuous twitching of People\’s Nose.

In Nigeria for instance, a Meal isn\’t Complete yet until Crayfish is introduced into the Equation. Little Wonder it\’s in High Demand in Nigeria, and for that reason has a huge margin Of Profit for anyone who Ventures into the Business.

Simply put, the Nigeria Market is good a Platform to Begin and pull in Large tons of profit, just dealing on Crayfish. This Article seeks to take you by the hand and guide you Step by step on how you can Profitably build an empire dealing on Crayfish Business.

This is not some sort of Fantasy or Building castles in the Air, every step is guaranteed to lead you to the desired end, if and Only you Follow. Without much Ado, let\’s get the ball rolling;

Easy Steps On How to Start a Crayfish Business in Nigeria

Permit me to at this point break this part of the article Into steps;

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STEP ONE: Conduct a Thorough Investigative report on The Crayfish Business

It\’s oft said that there\’s nothing new under the Sun, and realistically, what ever anyone decides to do, has already been done by Someone else. Hence to excel in the Crayfish Business, take your time first to do a market research on it.

In this step ask people who are already in the business questions, find out from local farmers and Fishermen in most riverine areas like Akwa ibom, Bayelsa, Calabar, Rivers and Delta states who are Known for their Leading influence in the Crayfish Industry.

Engage People in well meaning Discussions(mothers, chefs, Restaurants owners and other mini food outlets) targeted at helping you have a sound knowledge on what you are about jumping into.

STEP TWO: Decide Your Budget

After you have gathered information on the item in question, the next Important step is to decide How Much You are going to Spend to start (Your Capital). It doesn\’t necessarily have to just cover for the mere expense of purchasing the number of bags or sacks, other Factors like Transportation fare, measuring containers, polyethene bags etc, can come in here.

STEP THREE: Decide Your Source

In this Step, you need to answer the question of Who, Where and When am I getting Supplies for my Crayfish Business. Who is going to be my Chief Supplier ? Where can I easily get access to Him/Her ?

STEP FOUR: Know Your Customers

Who\’s going to be at the receiving end of this product I\’m putting Up?

The strength and Size of your Potential Customers, will decide how much you are acquiring or Purchasing. If your target Customers are little retailers, then you know that the demand on you to deliver will not be the same as when Large Firms probably the seasoning cube Industry that requires some blend of Crayfish in their Cubes, comes around.

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Who are you going to be Selling to ?

STEP FIVE: Find a Suitable Location

After answering the other preceding questions, down to Who actually is in need of your Products. The next place attention should be is, where am I going to Start?

In the Market, beside a food Outlet like a Restaurant, a hotel, a bar or maybe anything related to disbursing Food Or maybe will I target sticking around this Large seasoning cube firms, like Maggi, Onga, Knorr, etc. You decide that.

STEP SIX: Start Selling

Yes Please, just Start Selling, because a head full of Knowledge and facts will never put Food in any one\’s Stomach, or meet any need, until steps are taking to Start up something.

Start Selling your Products, come out of your Comfort zone, jump right into the Market, and build your Stake high enough in the Crayfish Business.

STEP SEVEN: Advertise Your Self and Your Business

This step of the Way is very Important, and key to long lasting Influence in the business. Tell people about what you do, either by one on one Conversations, or a good number of targeted audience.

For the sake of this article, I wouldn\’t want to go ahead of Myself, so let\’s take it Bit by bit, leaving out no essential detail, for this step, let\’s take just the Normal Physical advertising, not necessarily going digital, the Next step will cover for that.

Tell people about what you do, meet Chefs, who handle people\’s recipes In Occasions and normal house Chefs, tell them how that you can aid their Cooking Skill. Personally Work into Restaurants or Hotels, stick around the kitchen and have a tete-a-tete with the Cooks, emphasizing how you can increase the mouth watering Capacity of their Delicacies, if they\’d make you their Plug.

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STEP EIGHT: Go Digital

How about if I told you, you are highly disadvantaged if your Crayfish Business has not transcended from the offline space to the Online Space. Yes you are, because in the least Possible time, transactions are sealed online, without buyer and seller even seeing or knowing each other.

Hence, you mustn\’t wait to see all your potential Customers physically before selling, that era is long gone, switch to the Digital Space. Use available social media handles (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the rest) to drive your products to loyal customers, globally.

There we have it, People, if you follow these steps Judiciously, I see no reason why in the next few years you haven\’t become a leading entrepreneur in the Nigeria Market, responsible for snatching away Hundreds or probably thousands of Youths out of the scary jaws of UNEMPLOYMENT.


Having read this article, hope you\’d take actions towards starting your crayfish business in Nigeria. Launch out with great confident because you\’ve gotten a full bundle of the training here on this article.

Always feel free to ask us questions and send feedback to us whenever you want to. You can do that using the comment section below and please do not forget to share this article with friends.

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