How To Make Money As A Plantain Chips Distributor

Making money as a plantain chips distributor is most likely to be impossible in this very country and I can assure you that a good number of plantain chips distributors and even the producers have on one or two occasions try to make money from it.

Ideally, plantain chips business is a very lucrative and easy-going business everyone out there should really venture into especially if you’re looking for how to possibly lay hold on other sources of income.

Notwithstanding, you can as well make money even as a plantain chips distributor and that’s actually what we want to really write about on this very article.

Now without wasting much time on this very segment; let’s quickly delve into how you can make money as a plantain chips distributor;

How to Become a Plantain Chips Distributor

Do you know that you can become a plantain chips distributor even if you have no business with the production of plantain chips. However, on this very section, you’ll find out how to become a plantain chips distributor.

Below are the steps on how you can get started as a plantain chips distributor;

  1. Have a business name for the new business (Plantain Chips Distribution) you want venture into.
  2. Get a store for the storage of your plantain chips.
  3. Have a source of supply that will be supplying you plantain chips on regularly whenever you need it.
  4. Discuss price with the source
  5. Do a survey for buyers; make sure you have at least ten different businesses that buy plantain chips from you. These people could be folks that sells provisions and other related stuffs.
  6. By doing this, you have successfully become a plantain chips distributor.
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Congratulations, you are now a plantain chips distributor. Having known that, let’s quickly move down to how you can make money as a plantain chips distributor.

How To Make Money As A Plantain Chips Distributor

Let me inform you in a more candid note ‘Not all plantain chips distributors make the best out of the businesses.

You can actually change that narrative when you start doing what others don’t do. To get the best the best results, you have to do an extra-ordinary work.

Below are the things you should do if you want to make money as a plantain chips distributor;

Negotiate With Your Sources:

Negotiating with your sources is actually one of the things you should do in other to make money as plantain chips distributor. This makes your sales sweeter.

For instance, if you sell at 100; try and negotiate buying from your source between 40 to 70 so that you will have a super wonderful profit margin.

Get More Helping Hands (Laborers):

You can obviously make more money if you do it alone; you really need more helping hands that will help you spread-out your distribution counts.

You may not place them on salary but you can actually roll with them via contract. You can pay them 10 each sale. If you buy at 70 and sell at 100, then pay your laborer 10 per each sale. This means that you will be making a profit of 20 from each sale.

Advertise and Advertise:

If there’s anything you should do to boost your sales, that thing is called Advertisement. Take your time, your finance, and make sure you are driving more patronizes thereby advertising your business.

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Trust me when I say, whenever you start advertising your business, you will begin to make more sales than ever.

You can equally maximize the digital world also. You can also run Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok ads and the rest of its sorts so that you can drive audience and make massive sales.

Spread Your Distribution Wings:

Aside from advertising, you also need to spread out your distribution wings so as to make more sales and distributions. When this is achieved, you will be making more money as a plantain chips distributor.

You can move to school canteens, provision store owners, kiosks, super market owners and even families too. When you have more persons to deliver to, you will have more money to be delivered to you.


Having read this article, I urge you to take bold actions today so as to scale up your plantain chips distributorship business (If you’re already one), or you can also get started with the plantain chips distributorship business (for those that are totally newbie and has been aspiring to begin the business).

More notes to this, would you like to render your suggestions or even ask questions? Kindly send us your response using the comment section on this article.

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