7 Tips On How To Make Money From Comedy In Nigeria

This article is for content creators who are looking for how to make money from comedy in Nigeria. Comedies have grown over the years to become one of the most notable jobs you can actually do as an entertainer.
While the final aim of everything we are doing in the entertainment industry is money and possibly, fame, there\’s really a lot of work to put in.

A major tip on how to make money from comedy as a Nigerian is your consistency. You can\’t be on today and off, tomorrow.
Your contents matter too, and getting people to watch them is the most important. In fact, a lot of people focus more on content creation than promotion, and it is very wrong.

How To Start A Comedy Career As A Nigerian

Honestly, it is probably the easiest thing you can do now, thanks to our mobile phones. You do not need to hire the most expensive video creators as a beginner.
All you need are killer content and then, it is easier to blow up with something unique as a beginner than some stuff that has been recycled over the ages.

There are a lot of comedy content creators doing very well in the country. Some of them include Pankeeroy, Nasty Blaq, Lord Lamba, Sydney Talker, Oga Sabinus, Lasisi Elenu, Taaooma, Broda Shaggi, Josh2funny and Oluwadolarz.

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Opportunities To Earn From The Comedy Industry

There are a lot of ways to earn from the industry without even needing to show your face, and we will be seeing some of them:


This is probably the most prominent way to earn from the comedy business in Nigeria. Sometimes you need to be more of yourself than \’an actually good actor\’ to make it as an actor.

Video Creators

I don\’t even know where exactly to put this, but someone has to be behind the camera and you can be the one.
Anything from videoing to the editing of comedy videos is a very lucrative job of its own. A prominent name in this industry is Edem Victor, and he has worked with a good number of your favourite creators.

Script Writers

If you can write good comedy scripts, you can sell them to creators and make a living on your own.
Sometimes they don\’t even need to be actual scripts, stories sell too since most comedians will prefer you give them stories so they can express themselves more.


Promotion of content is far more important than creating it if I have to speak as a blogger. Mastering the art of social media promotions and the generation of stunts can also be a good career path.

How Much Do Skit Makers Make in Nigeria?

An average Nigerian skit maker can be making anything above ₦500,000 a month.

The amount of money you make as a skit maker is totally dependent on the influence you can acquire. Someone with 200,000 followers will find it hard to make the same amount of money as someone with 3 million followers, no matter how active.
Most advertisers will check how many active followings you have first because they\’re all potential customers.

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Platforms To Post Your Comedies As A Nigerian

There are a lot of platforms you can leverage as a Nigerian comedy content creator, but these are my best recommendations because of the number of active Nigerian comedians on them:


There are over 5.29 million YouTube users in Nigeria according to statista.com and everybody is a potential fan. If your contents get a good number of quality engagements, trust the platform to show it to more people.

YouTube also pays content creators and you can stressless make a living from Adsense.


In Nigeria alone, there are over 31 million Facebook users according to worldpopulationreview.com.
While not everyone on Facebook is there to watch videos, you can actually get a massive fan base there.

Facebook also pays content creators and you can make a living focusing on the platform.


Also owned by the same parent company as Facebook, Instagram is home to videos and comedies are a major one of them.
They recently launched the Reels which function like TikTok and you can use them as opportunities to grow.


TikTok is another very popular app and there are limits to the length of videos you can upload.
Videos easily trend on the app and a lot of people have been pushed into the limelight there.
In fact, it is one of the easiest apps to grow on.

You can also consider Snapchat if you\’re good on the app, while Twitter is a very crowded app and text plus image contents do the best.

How To Make Money As A Skit Maker In Nigeria

There are so many ways to make money from skits and we\’ll see a few below:

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Display Ads

You can display ads on your Facebook page and YouTube channel and make good money. I\’ve even seen skit makers who run blogs for their videos and monetize the website.

Affiliate Marketing

You would have seen Nigerian comedians make videos for different betting platforms after which they will give you their referral code to sign up.
This is called affiliate marketing and there are a lot of platforms you can sign up for.


Brands can pay you to promote their products and services if you have a good audience. There are no limits to the niche and provided you are creative, you will always be reached out to.
You\’ll need to put your contact email and phone numbers in your bio so it won\’t take much stress finding.


There are several ways to make money as a skit maker and you just have to be consistent with good content.
Also, remember not to bug your fans with so many ads or they might begin to skip your channel.

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