Top 10 Markets Where To Buy Palm Oil Cheap in Nigeria

Palm oil or otherwise, red oil is one of the most consumed items in Nigeria. We have previously written an article on how to set up a successful palm oil business and this article is for people looking for markets where they can get red oil cheap in Nigeria.

Red oil is a popular cooking item made from palm fruit. It is edible and among other uses, can be used in food manufacturing, as biofuel and even in the making of beauty products.
They are in very high demand and the general costs vary with location and the time of the year. While palm fruits are almost always available, the availability varies with time and season and so are the products gotten from it.

Where To Buy Palm Oil For Cheap In Nigeria

There are a lot of markets where you can buy red oil for cheap in the country, but I will be limiting my article to these 10.
For the people who are not from Igbo land, there are four market days namely Eke, Orie, Afor and Nkwo. These four days are like the seven days of the regular week but this time around, the week is only for four days.

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You can refer to any online calendar to find out which day each of them is. If I say a market is Afor like the first in my list, then the most popular market day will be Afor day and it is the best day to visit it.

There is a market for every day and if a town doesn\’t trade on a day you intend to visit, you can easily make another choice.

Afor Ogidi Market, Orlu, Imo State

The Afor Ogidi is located close to Banana Junction in Amaifeke, Orlu. It is a popular market and you can get bulk red oil, among other items.

Eke Mgbidi, Imo State

Mgbidi is the headquarters of the Oru West Local Government Area and a very hot spot. The market is located just along Onitsha-Owerri road, and I will say it\’s somewhere roughly in between.

Afor Awo Market, Imo State

The Afor Awo market is another popular market in Awo Omamma, Imo State. There are a lot of local items that can be sourced from the market and you can get very good palm oil.

Ahia Ohu Market, Abia State

Ahia Ohu Market is located in Ngwa Road, Aba, Abia State. You can also get very good palm oil from the market.

Eke Agbani Market, Enugu State

Located in the heart of Agbani, Enugu State, Eke Agbani is the biggest market in Nkanu East and West LGA. It is popular for various household items.

Old Artisan Market, Enugu State

The Old Artisan Market is located at Ogui Rd, Achara, Enugu, Nigeria. You can get various items in the market and they sell whether wholesale or retail products.

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Abakaliki International Market, Ebonyi State

Unarguably one of the most popular markets in Ebonyi State, the Abakaliki International Market is home to various food items and beyond. You can also get the famous Abakaliki rice at the market.

Ikpa Commodity Market, Enugu State

The market is located in Nru Nsukka, Nsukka and there are a population of both sellers and buyers. There are tons of food-item traders in the market too.

Egbizum Morning Market, Cross River State

I also ran into the Egbizum Morning Market, Cross River State while making my research and it is a popular market. You can purchase wholesale palm oil there for reselling.

Ohaji Egbema Market, Imo State

The Ohaji Egbema Market is located in Ohaji Egbema area of Imo State and you can buy red oil at affordable rates. Most of the traders produce their own palm oil themselves and it helps get it at the cheapest rate.


Palm oil business is a very lucrative one and you can purchase them to store and resell. There are a lot of markets where you can buy it from but buying from states where they are produced is the best option.

Are there any markets I missed? Do drop them as comments and don\’t forget to share.

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