Basic Equipment for Small Bakery (Everything You Need)

A small-scale bakery might not need you to get elaborate equipment before you start. Just a few essential materials can aid your start-up. 

As a small-scale business, you want to consider the price of the equipment you need and what they can do. Mass production might be needed at the initial stage, but you need efficiency. 

In this article, I will list and explain a few necessary pieces of equipment you can\’t do without no matter how small your bakery looks. 

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8 Basic Equipment You Need To Start Your Small-Scale Business

  1. Oven

An Oven is an enclosed tool that is used to heat substances. They are used for baking, cooking, and keeping food hot. Every baking process includes the heating process. 

After mixing and cutting your flour and materials into different sizes, and shapes, the oven would heat it into something consumable.  

There are different sizes of ovens. The size and features often affects the price. While some can be used for mass production, some oven can be used for mini bakery and home baking. 

The mini oven can cost around #20,000 to #85,000. The one you can afford should be what to consider. 

2. Baking Pan 

The interior of an oven emits heat that bakes substances kept in it. Dropping food in the enclosed compartment needs a pan. 

Keeping your food on any kind of pan or tray is unwise. The relevance of a baking pan is numerous. It regulates the temperature inside the oven and hastens production. There are several baking pans: stainless steel, aluminum, glass, clay, and silicone. 

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The quality and the kind of baking pan you decide to buy would determine the price. However, you can get a baking pan from #1000 to #15,000. Nevertheless, it would help if you considered the durability and productivity of the material you want to purchase. 

3. Hand Mixer 

Baking deals with mixing different ingredients to become one. For example, a varying number of ingredients are needed to bake a cake. As a starter, you might have started mixing your ingredients with any material that can do the job. 

As time goes on, you would realise using your hand to mix requires a lot of time and effort. Additionally, you might be unable to mix it to the best condition before you get tired. The hand mixer is meant to ease your stress and hasten your work. Getting one or two for a few thousand is worth it. 

You can get it from #9000- #30,000. 

4. Plastic Storage 

Baked foods are to be kept in a clean place to cool off before the sale or while waiting for them to be transported to the buyer. Depending on the kind of your product, you can choose the size of the plastic. The goal is to have a place to keep your product until when needed. 

5. Shelf Rack 

While producing, you need a shelf rack to keep all your products. It helps you to arrange your products in batches and arrange them in segments. It makes your kitchen look neat and coordinated.

6. Measuring Cup 

Assumptions have ruined several baked products. You might have eaten some baked food and realised the sugar content tastes higher or lesser than it should be. The baker might not be terrible, but improper measurement can ruin the beautiful work. 

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Measuring cups would help you know the quantity of ingredients added. Getting a few to aid your production process is vital. 

7. Chef’s Knife 

Dicing and slicing cannot be removed from the process of baking. A baking knife would enhance your production. 

8. Paring Knife 

A handy tool in the kitchen is a pairing knife. You can use it to peel fruits and other materials while baking. You can use it to cut fruits and vegetables. 


Those are part of the basic tools you need to run your bakery business. The list is long, but you can kick-start your business with a few essential ones. Other industrial materials can be added to your kitchen when you have the financial capacity. 

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