Where To Buy Wholesale Clothes in Lagos – 6 Cheapest Markets

The fashion business is one of the most lucrative businesses you can go into as a Nigerian. It is also a business you can start with very little capital and expand with time.
Aside from renting your shop and packaging it, you can begin to make a profit from selling almost immediately. If you can be able to follow the trend and sell what your customers will be interested in, it is a sure good ride for you.

While the way you sell is completely up to you, we are here to help you with the best market options.
Regardless you can also reach out to someone who\’s already into the business to give you tips on how to make it a success.

6 Cheapest Markets To Buy Wholesale Clothes in Lagos State

There are many places where you can buy wholesale clothes for cheap in Nigeria. If you are in Onitsha, you can check this article out.
Lagos however is one of the top choices for traders in the country and beyond, and for people who are far from Onitsha and places like Aba they can check it out too.

Aswani Market

Aswani Market is one of the best markets where you can buy wholesale clothing materials in Lagos. It is largely held every Tuesday and is located in the Isolo Local Council Area of Lagos State.

Oshodi Market

The Oshodi Market is one of the most industrious markets in Lagos. You can get food items, electronics, furniture, clothes and almost every other thing you might be looking for.

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Balogun Market

This market doesn\’t have a specific address and sprawls across so many streets on Lagos Island. It is notably one of the best places where you can get general items and clothing, especially.

Yaba Market

A majority of people know it as Tejuosho Market and whichever you choose to use, it is one of the biggest markets in the state of Lagos. The market hosts on a daily basis and has a crowd of both buyers and sellers.
The Yaba Okrika market is also not unpopular where you can buy used clothing at very affordable costs.

Jankara Market

The Jankara Market is another notable market in Lagos State where you can purchase wholesale clothes at affordable prices. It is located in the Jankara area of Lagos State.

Idumota Market

Idumota Market is located on Lagos Island. It is one of the oldest and largest markets in West Africa and you can get wholesale clothing materials at very affordable rates there.


Lagos is unarguably the most populated state in Nigeria. There are markets for everything you will be looking for. While markets like the Ojo-Alaba international market are notable for electronics, some of the ones I listed above are popular for sales of other items.

You can also reach out to people who have been into the business to get ideas on how they source their products and it will help you.

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