Baba Ijebu Lotto Counterpart And How To Play Games

Baba Ijebu is a gaming company. This company offers chances for interested persons to pay a small amount of money to win a larger amount of money. Baba Ijebu\’s official company name is \”Premium Lotto Limited\”. The company is however popularly known as Baba Ijebu.
Premium Lotto Limited, Baba Ijebu was founded by Sir Kensington Adebukunola Adebutu who is currently the CEO of the company.

Baba Ijebu is confirmed to be the oldest Nigerian betting company. It has been in existence since 2001. There are over 20 game offers in Baba Ijebu.
These include, lucky, Fairchance, international, jackpot, Gold, diamond, etc.

How To Play Baba Ijebu

The basic rule of playing Baba Ijebu is by predicting any five numbers from the range of one to ninety (1-90). If at least two out of your predicted five numbers correspond to that of the company, you win. However, Baba Ijebu has different playing methods.
These different methods have different modes of payment also.

These methods include the following:

A. Permutation
B. 2 sure
C. 3 direct
D. 4 direct
E. 5 direct


In permutation, you are to predict any 10 numbers out of the range of 1-90. If any 2 numbers correspond with that of the company, you win some amount of money.

2 sure

2 sure is more strict and direct. In 2 sure, you play just two numbers. These two numbers must compulsorily correspond to the ones given by the company for you to win

If the two don\’t correspond together, you lose. If the two correspond, you win. Your stake money will be multiplied by 240 to give you your winning. That is, if you play with 100 naira, you\’ll win 24,000 naira.

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3 Direct

3 direct works the exact way 2 sure works. You predict three numbers. If these three numbers correspond with the one the company releases, you win. Note that all three numbers must correspond. Otherwise, you would lose.

If you play with 100 naira, you would win about 210,000 naira.

4 Direct

4 direct follows the mode of play of 2 sure and 3 direct. You predict four numbers and these four numbers must correspond with the numbers the company releases. All four numbers must correspond. The potential winnings of 4 direct is a very huge amount of money too.

5 Direct

Just like 2 sure and 4 direct runs, you predict 5 numbers in 5 direct game. If all five numbers correspond, you win an amount of money you will enjoy for a very long time in your life.

What Is The Baba Ijebu Lotto Counterpart?

In the Baba Ijebu lotto game, game numbers are used in playing the game. These numbers run from 1 to 90. These numbers have their counterparts. They run in sequence. This sequence can sometimes be predicted. Counterparts are used to calculate and predict the next possible numbers to be released by the company.

The 90 numbers of this lotto all have these names that hold their counterparts.
These names are:

● C for counter
● B for bonanza
● S for string key
● T for turning
● M for melta
● P for partner
● E for equivalent
● S shadow and,
● C for code

These counterparts are used to calculate the next possible numbers of Baba Ijebu by experts. Some individuals are experts in this. They know how to calculate these counterparts and process them into possible winning numbers.
Conclusively, counterparts are numbers that are used in predicting the possible winning numbers of Premium Lotto Limited, Baba Ijebu. They are read and understood by experts in the game.

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