The Banker\’s Guide On How To Get Loan From Access Bank

This article is for people who are looking for how to get a loan from Access Bank PLC. Before we begin, I will do a quick introduction about the bank.

Access Bank plc, commonly known as Access Bank was founded in 1989 and is a Nigerian multinational commercial bank, owned by Access Bank Group.
It was merged with Diamond Bank in December 2018 and is currently one of the most notable banks in the country.

Types Of Loans Offered By Access Bank

There are a good number of loans you can access from the bank depending on your needs.
I will be highlighting a few of them below:

Personal Loan

This is for people looking to source loans for their personal and financial needs. The requirements include a duly completed application form, credit checks, a copy of employment ID and valid means of identification and credit life insurance.

PayDay Loan

This is a digital loan product targeted at salary earners. You can request a part of your salary and pay it back when you get paid.
There are no limits to how many times you can request and you can request a maximum of ₦500,000.

Creative Sector Loan

The Creative Sector Loan is for individuals and businesses currently into fashion, music, movie production/ distribution, information technology and software engineering.
To access it prepare a business plan and how much you are requesting, then submit it at any Access Bank branch. They will get back to you.

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Maternal Health Service Support (MHSS)

This loan is for people looking for funds for maternity needs. The bank is also partnering with a health management company to help people going for IVF treatments get 30% cashback on unsuccessful IVF procedures.
To apply for the MHSS you\’ll need to provide a loan application form, credit checks, valid means of identification, salary bank statement, promotion letter and letter of authority.
Please find out more from the bank\’s official website.

Device Finance

The Device Finance loan is to help you change/ upgrade your device. You do not need any collateral.
To access this loan download the Quickbucks app, sign up with your email and BVN then request the device. If successful, you\’ll get details on where you can pick it up.

AutoClub by Access

The Vehicle Financing loan by Access Bank enables you to buy a vehicle and complete payment later.
It is open to salaried income persons, SMEs and Corporates and there are over 50 approved car dealers you can access the vehicles from.

Advance for School Fees

If you are in need of funds to pay your educational related fees, then this is the one for you.
The required documents include a completed loan application form, your admission letter, valid means of identification, tuition bill, duly accepted offer letter & term sheet and credit checks.

There are other types of loans you can access from the Access Bank PLC and they\’re on the website.

How To Get A Loan From Access Bank

The procedures for getting a loan from the bank might differ depending on what you are looking for.
They also have different collaterals and conditions, while some like the loan for Device Financing only need your BVN.

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Visit the Access Bank website

The first step is to visit the bank\’s official website to know which type of loan you need. You will also get to know the official documents and requirements to provide.

Apply for the loan

After visiting the website and knowing what you need, you can apply online or offline depending on the conditions.
Some of the loans on the website demand that you submit an application to the bank while some others can be done online.


Before you apply for any loan, I will advise you to read through the conditions and make sure you totally agree before making an application.
Also, paying back on time is very important so that the interests don\’t pile up.

Before you leave, also check out our next post on everything you need to know about the GTB Salary Advance Loan.

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