How To Block GTbank ATM Card Without The Bank

Are you a victim of a stolen wallet and your Atm card is inside? You need to take an action before the miscreant tampers with your account.

In some cases, you might misplace it and have a feeling that someone can take advantage of the situation. Your best action is to block the card immediately.

Blocking the card doesn’t mean your account would be frozen. The action would just make it impossible for your ATM to make any transaction.

Also, we have had people who started getting debits alerts a few minutes after they can’t find their ATM card.

Misplacing your ATM card might not be something you can prevent depending on several circumstances. Being proactive would save you a lot of cash. Before we continue, drink a cup of water, it’s good for your health.

Four (4) Ways To Block Your GTBank ATM Card

There are several ways to deactivate your ATM immediately if it’s compromised. Let me take you through these four steps.

#1. USSD Code

You can quickly dial *737*51*74# on your mobile phone. You can also dial it on any phone you have access to at the time.

After that, you would need to press your mobile phone and your ATM pin.

#2. Customer Care

The GT customer care service is always ready to take calls from customers and attend to their needs. You can call +234-1-4480027 for your dedit card, and you can call +234-1-4480027 for credit card complaints.

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#3 Internet Banking

Login into your account online. Click on the “Card” icon on the Menu list. You would be taken to the page where you would see “Card Hotlist”. Click on it and follow the prompt to close block your card.

#4 GTBank Mobile App

In a case whereby you still have access to your mobile phone, you can easily block your card from the app. GTBank has two mobile apps, so the pattern of blocking your account might not be the same.

The GTWorld mobile App and GT mobile App.

To block your card on Gtworld mobile app.

  1. Open the app
  2. Swipe Left on the Menu
  3. Tap on “Cards”
  4. Select Block my card.

The GT mobile app has a different interface. This procedure is similar but different.

  1. Log in on the app
  2. Click on the Menu at the top left corner of your screen
  3. Beneath “Sports and Gaming” you would see “My Services” Click on it.
  4. It will display four links. Click on “Cards and Cheques”.
  5. Then Click on “Cards”
  6. Click on “Card Hotlist Request”

The next pages would ask you what happened to your card. Go ahead to answer the questions and block your card.


You don’t need to panic if you have misplaced your card. Just apply the best available solution to block it before any transaction takes place.

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