How To Cancel Order On Jumia

Our basic right is to choose. We can either say yes or no to anything, and there is no exception to Jumia. There are many reasons why you might reconsider buying a product on Jumia.

Jumia has developed a method for clients to cancel orders because of this. An order cancellation might have been necessary due to emergencies. If you make a mistake when placing an order or find a better option. Whatever the situation is, you can cancel the order.

This article will outline the procedures for cancelling an order on Jumia.

Basic Steps to Cancel Order On Jumia

For successful order cancellation, follow the procedures listed below.

Access your Jumia account

If you are about to cancel an order, then you have a Jumia account. In order to start the process, log into your account. At the top right, select your name.
Click on your profile after successfully logging into your Jumia account. There ought to be a drop-down. Choose Order.


Click Order in the drop-down menu to get to Orders. Your orders will appear on the subsequent page.


Every order you have placed is listed on the Order page. Find the order you wish to cancel, then click the See details option to the order\’s right.

Verify cancellation

You should be aware of whether you were able to cancel the order. To check, there are two options. You could look at your email. Jumia will email you a notification if you were successful in canceling the order.
Additionally, the order section is where you can confirm your cancellation. Your order will be moved to closed orders if it was canceled.

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If you planned to pay upon delivery, you won\’t need to be concerned. Your money is always safe with you. It\’s also not a big deal if you paid for it online.
Your money will be returned by Jumia within one to four business days. You\’ll receive the money in your Jumia Pay account. you can withdraw the money from your wallet or make another purchase.

Any further complications will be disclosed to you if there are any.
You should also be aware that you can only cancel your order before it is shipped. You can not cancel an order through Jumia\’s website once it has been shipped.
If your attempts to cancel an order are unsuccessful. It can be canceled via live chat. Making a phone call to Jumia is another option.

In the worst case, you\’d have to tell the delivery person you want to reject it.

How To Cancel An Order Through Live Chat On Jumia

Use the steps above to sign in to your Jumia account.

In the contact section\’s upper right corner, click Need help. You can use the drop-down menu. When you click Live Chat, a chat window should open.
Your guide will be the chatbot. Till you are linked to an agent, follow its directions. You would be able to cancel an order with the agent\’s assistance.


Do not hesitate to cancel an item if you no longer want it. A little hint, before calling Jumia to cancel an order, get your Order number. They will ask for it. However, it\’s better to carefully select the goods you order in order to avoid cancellation.

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