Where To Get Beauty Products in Nigeria [Full List]

You need to know stores where beauty products are sold in Nigeria.

Anyone that needs beauty products in Nigeria must know stores where they can get their desired product. You can not take yourself through that stress of touring around a city to find the right store. 

Fortunately, we all have the internet, and I can bring you beauty product sellers in Nigeria without the pain of looking for stores all over the city where you stay. I am sure you also don’t plan to miss the routine beauty treatment that makes you look gorgeous.

I used to treat puberty bumps called pimples. Whenever I get a prescription for an effective product, it becomes challenging to find stores nearby that sell the beauty product. I made my research about the location of beauty stores In Nigeria, which I will share in this article.

Note that some stores you know might not be included in this write-up. The list majorly contains popular and big stores that can be located easily. Let’s learn where to get beauty products.

Beauty Product Stores in Nigeria

Nigeria is a big Country with a lot of cities and towns. I am sorry I cannot mention all cities. However, I will try my best to mention strategic cities that are likely to be your location.

Leemarh Beauty Empire

The first beauty product store that would be mentioned is Leemarh Beauty Empire. It is one of the best places for all types of beauty care in Ilorin. If you stay at Ilorin, Leemarh Beauty Empire has a point to settle your beauty product worries.

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You can get to Leemarh’s store through this address. FHQ5+7P5, Niger Rd, 240101, Ilorin. Try to ask people when you need help concerning the location, especially if you are not a resident of the large town. A quick tip for buying from Leemarh is that they officially open by 9am.

Original Cosmetics Nigeria

This store finds itself in the heart of one of the most popular cities in Nigeria. Original cosmetics is very trusted by its customers, and you can give it a try too. It is located at Lagos State, Ikeja. The store is big enough to have all the products that you desire to have.

Original cosmetics have an online presence through a website. Their physical store is located at 48 Allen Ave, Allen 100271, Ikeja. It is best that you ask for directions when needed so you won’t miss your road and eventually forfeit your reason.

Panache Online Beauty Stores

Going out to get your cosmetics is not an everyday thing anymore. You can save time for other things and still buy the beauty products you need with an online store. Panache is a trusted online beauty store in Nigeria that can deliver at your doorstep.

The good thing about Panache is that you can order at any time of the day and in all days of the week. You can get in contact with them through their official website. You can also make a phone call for the product you need. Their active business number is 08175700040. 

If you can get to their physical store, The address is  Unit 19, Aderonke Plaza, 20 Olowu Street, Ikeja, Lagos. Panache does not offer delivery services outside Lagos. But you can buy online and pick your goods up whenever you are in Lagos.

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Perona Beauty Store

Perona Beauty is both an online and physical store for beauty and cosmetics. Perona has a physical presence in the third largest city, Ibadan. That is why it is included in this list. Residents of Ibadan can start to buy from this amazing store.

Perona beauty store also runs an online store that delivers to every part of the nation. You can order from Kano and get your goods before the day ends. Perona’s contact details can be found below.

  • 0902818 4105
  • https://peronabeauty.com/
  • Praise Place Plaza, 26 Osuntokun Avenue, Bodija 200285, Ibadan. (Ibadan branch)


There are so many beauty stores, but finding the product you need might be difficult. Some stores do not help your beauty routine. The four stores above are reliable by my research; you can try them anytime.

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