Naira9ja Loan: Review, Application Process And How To Download

Loans are greatly beneficial when you need an amount of money you do not have at the moment. They can also be dangerous when you don’t know your lender well. I am sure you are reading this to avoid being caught up in a loan mess.

The best way to know if a lender is ok is to get testimonies from other clients who have used their service. That is why I will share the full review of Naira9ja Loan App.

The reviews in this article are from neutral clients and sources and are not connected or sponsored by Naira9ja. It is for the sole purpose of guiding people who might be looking for the right loaning service.

What You Should Know About Naira9ja Loan App

Naira9ja loan app is just like other loaning apps online. This does not mean they have the same terms and conditions. But they follow the same route of giving people loans through their Mobile app.

 Naira9ja gives a loan without collateral or any form of financial value that you have. It has a minimum borrowing limit of ₦5000 and a maximum of ₦500, 000. 

The Loaning app does not require a guarantor to borrow you any sum of cash within the minimum to maximum. You can get your loan transaction done within minutes based on your internet connection.

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All Requirements Needed To Get A Loan From Naira9ja

While Naira9ja will not request a guarantor or collateral, you may need to provide some basic information showing you are honest and willing to pay back:

– Age

You need to provide your real age before you can borrow from Naira9ja. The loaning platform accepts people that are 20 years and above.

– Constant Source Of Income

Naira9ja needs to know your occupation and your job role. Anyone without a steady income, like students and pensioners, can not get a loan.

– Bank Verification Number

Your BVN is an important detail that Naira9ja would request. It is used to check your financial records for how frequently you receive money and trace if you have been involved in any fraudulent activity.

– Bank Account

This is the account to which the relief cash will be sent. To get your loan successfully, you need to provide a bank account.

– Valid Contact Details

Naira9ja would request a valid phone number and a working E-mail address. This is where important information would be sent.

– Place Of Residence

Naira9ja has to know your physical address. Just in case they need to trace their client.

– Debt Status

Naira9ja will not offer loaning services to you if you owe another lender. You have to be debt free in order to get a loan from Naira9ja.

Clients Testimony

  • Naira9ja is real, and they borrow people money without collateral and guarantor.
  • There has not been a case where clients noticed them using their info for other purposes besides the stated one.
  • As long as you duly repay your loan, there is little chance of a problem.
  • In case of any problem, You can resolve it at their office located @ Plot GA 1, Ozumba Mbadiwe Ave, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.
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How To Create An Account On Naira9ja Loan App

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create a Naira9ja loan account:

  • Download the app on your phone\’s app store
  • Launch the app, and you\’d given two options:
    – Log in
    – Create an account
    You\’d proceed with the second option since you don\’t have an account yet
  • Input your phone number or email address and wait for a few minutes for your confirmation code
  • Proceed with filling the blank spaces with the appropriate information
  • Choose a secure password and confirm it
  • READ and accept the Terms and Conditions, then grant Naira9ja Loan access to your contact
  • Congrats, you\’re done with your account creation process. You can proceed to the loan application proper.


Generally, Naira9ja is known as a good loaning platform. Failure to repay on time will attract an extra interest rate of 2% daily.

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