How To Sell On Amazon From Nigeria

You should learn how to sell on Amazon if you wish to make increasing sales in your product or to offer your Nigerian product outside the country. Amazon is the world’s largest online store with millions of unique visits from all over the world, and it gives you an awesome chance to find international customers and improve your own sales.

How To Sell On Amazon From Nigeria

Sadly, Nigeria isn\’t one of the nations included in the Amazon seller app, but below is the step-by-step guide to sell your products on Amazon from Nigeria.

1. Registration of an account

It is not possible to to sell your products without an account on this platform. The good thing is that you don’t have to travel from Nigeria to the USA to register such an account. At the same time, everything cannot be done online, from the comfort of your Nigerian home or office, because Nigeria is not eligible to join the platform as sellers officially.

There are some things you have to do first:

i: Citizens of Niger, South Africa, and many other African countries can officially register at Amazon thus if you have a physical address (relatives, friends) in any of these African countries you can use it for your registration.

ii: If you cannot work from Niger, South Africa or another supported country, you should find a U.S.-based partner that offers you a virtual physical address in the United States of America for rent.

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iii: Plus, you’ll need to have the internet connection, your documents ready (the account must be verified) and some of your time to register a non-USA seller account through a partner or with your friends/relatives help. You’ll also need to use VPN to hide your Nigerian IP address during registration and platform usage.


It\’s important you know that the seller account costs $39.99 plus extra selling fees per month, or it costs $0.99 plus extra fees per each item sold if you choose to create an individual seller account (it supports up to 40 items a month).

Details required to register

For the account registration you will need to use your real physical address (at the supported country only), real name, Mastercard/Visa international banking card along with the bank details (since you will need to be able to receive electronic payments and automatic wire transfers),

2. Account approval

Once you\’re done with the registration of the seller account, you\’ll need to stay patient and wait for Amazon to activate and approve it.

PS: Amazon will ask for the EIN code to activate your account (it is used to clear your taxes in the USA once a year), and this number is obtained by you with the help of IRS.GOV website where you should fill out the special form called 10-BEN.

3. Choosing a shipping partner

In case of successful registration and account activation, you are highly advised to read all the guides created by Amazon for its network of sellers from all over the world.

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There are two ways you can choose to go:

i: Ship your products to your partner who lives in the supported-for-seller-registration African countries.

Honestly, this option is not the best one because international shipping cost is expensive thus it sure scares away many potential buyers. Also, it can take a long for your products to be shipped from African countries directly to your customers, many parcels can get lost on their way, and you might end up losing your money.

ii: Ship your products to Amazon warehouse through its FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program.

This option is more attractive to consumers from the USA because your products are physically located at the platform’s warehouse and they can be sold as a part of a ship-for-free program offered by Amazon, which can potentially earn you more money. Besides, if you are a part of the FBA program you won’t even have to ship each order separately because the company will do it for you.

4. Amazon seller app

Once you have chosen how exactly you are planning to sell on Amazon, you should calculate the good prices for your products (with a nice profit) and start working on adding products to your Amazon store.

Download the mobile Amazon seller app and use it to control and manage your new online store.


If you have been asking “How can I sell on Amazon from Nigeria?”. The above step-by-step guide, when followed judiciously, will give you success. Honestly, this process isn\’t stress-free since Nigeria is not among the supported countries. Nevertheless, it is a matter of time for Nigeria to be added to the list.

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