She Took Her Business Online And Sales Increased 300% [CASE STUDY]

This post is for people who have businesses or intend to start one soon. All of us would agree that the final aim of all businesses is profit, and personally, I believe that there\’s nothing like \’too many\’ customers.
When you know you can always expand your business to be able to attend to customers, it helps you promote your business without limits and it is the first step to growth.

Introduction:- Who Am I?

Hello entrepreneurs, my name is Igbo Clifford Chimaizuobi and I\’m a blogger/ public relations expert. I have spent the past three years of my life helping build businesses and increase sales using the power of the internet.

While not every business will be online, I have always said that no matter what you sell you need to create a presence for yourself online.
As of January 2022, there were approximately 109 million internet users in Nigeria. This means that there are over a hundred million people who can actually see your business if you take it online.

The Internet Is The Magician You Have Been Looking For!

This post is only to create awareness about taking your business online. It is my business, but I\’m not here to tell you to patronize me. A lot of these things are actually what you can do for yourself or with online tutorials if you know exactly what you want.

I have a close female relative who has been into photography for three years now. Just like many other photographers in the capital city of Eastern Nigeria where she is based, she was doing the conventional sharing of complimentary cards and word-of-mouth adverts.
It has been working for her and somehow like every other entrepreneur, she began complaining about her business when I came around.

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After talking with her for a while, I found out what she needed:-

• Rebranding of the business
• A business website with corporate email
• Search engine optimization to make sure she shows up online when her potential customers search for her
• A Google My Business profile
• Features on blogs and forums

After talking with her, we decided to get to work. Now, this is something that works with almost every business and you should expect to see results in two months.
We (my team) started with setting up her website and corporate email. Next, we rebranded the business online, changed her complimentary card, got her team to take a few photos to show she wasn\’t working alone and redesigned her social media pages.

By then we had already begun setting up her Google My Business profile because it was a major step too. When everything was getting set we got her a few features on websites and blogs with backlinks leading to her website to help her rank above competitors. Her website had a blog section where we published articles with keywords related to what her clients will be looking for while spying on content that gives her competitors traffic even from other states.
When we finished with all these, it took a month and a few days and she began ranking for keywords like \’best photographer in her city\’, \’hire a photographer in her city\’ and \’best event photographers in her city\’.

What was the end result?

She began getting calls from people telling her they got her number from Google and now she gets more jobs than she can handle. Everything I listed above was the step we took and it\’s something every serious business can do without having to break the bank.

Reasons You MUST Take Your Business Online

There are many reasons you shouldn\’t play with taking your business online and here is a few:-

It builds trust

A majority of people trust businesses they see online especially if they have a website and a corporate email ( It gives them the impression that the business is big and nobody would prefer a small business to a big one.

You get to show the people what you want them to see

On your website and social media pages, you can get to show people exactly what you want them to see about your business. Do you want them to feel like you have a team of 30 people? You can put up with people and create that impression.
Many of the \’big businesses\’ you see online are actually a team of fewer than 10 people who understood what branding is all about.

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It saves you headaches

Your website will explain everything you could have had to tell the customers yourself and before they reach out to you, they would have been convinced they actually need your products or services.

A website gives you a landing page

You cannot run a successful ad without a landing page and while a lot of people use Whatsapp, I have never taken anyone who doesn\’t have even a simple website for their business.

What Do You Need To Take Your Business Online?

To take your business online, there are a few things you need:-

• A website

Unlike what it used to be, you can set up a website for your business for less than $100. There are even cheaper options, but sometimes the hosting spaces would be too small to run a business and then you\’ll need to upgrade.

Another reason you need a website is so you can set up a corporate email like A website is like a shop where you list all your products and services and no matter what you sell, you need one.

We build all types of websites you\’ll be needing for your business, you can reach out by clicking here.

• Social Media Pages

As of 2021, there were reportedly 40 million Nigerians on Twitter. We might be expecting bigger statistics for Facebook and Instagram too. This means that you have the power to potentially reach out to 40 million people on Twitter alone.

What about YouTube? The first thing you should do is secure your usernames on the major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and make sure your official name is on Whatsapp. It will help you get more free customers too and retaining them will be more stressless.

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• Google My Business

There are many social networking platforms in the world but Google is the most used. Let\’s say you run a photo studio in Owerri and you set up your Google My Business profile, here\’s the magic it will do for you.


Did you see the photo above? Google is basically going to give you free unlimited customers and that is the sweetest thing about the internet.
Think of every service you\’ll need in your location and search for it – restaurant, music studio, makeup studio, boutique, web developers, farm and anything else then add your location.

• Features on platforms and blogs

Getting featured on blogs and forums and forums is also another very important step and the funniest thing is, it can be very cheap. The reason we do this is to make sure we dominate our name on search engines and get free backlinks to ourselves.

You can get people to feature you for free by submitting guest posts to them, and writing about your business on free platforms like Medium, Nairaland, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, free wikis and others. You can hire us to do these if you find them tasking.

Our Offer

Growing your business is the dream of every entrepreneur and we are here to help out. With over three years of experience in helping businesses triple their profit, our team is everything you need:-

We will help you:-

• Build a website, corporate email and social media pages for your business. On-demand, we will also include a live chat so you can interact with your customers in real-time.
• Set up and verify your Google My Business profile.
• Feature your business on blogs and forums to help speed up your growth.
• Help you set up irresistible promotions to take your businesses to your potential clients\’ bedrooms.

No matter the business you run, we are here to help you grow and offer all forms of promotional consultation services. Even the biggest companies like Google and Coca-Cola run daily promotions and the world\’s biggest music artists sponsor ads for all their projects.

Would you rather depend on customers reaching out to you or do you want to take your business to their doorsteps?

Reach out to us now by clicking here. We also offer free consultation services!

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