Apps That Pay for Referral in Nigeria 

You are definitely looking for how to make side money apart from your active income.

Reading this post is a good step, and you surely would get the most from it. 

Don\’t be deceived; there are ways to make money without having to be extremely actively involved. In Nigeria today, several companies are looking for customers, and if you offer them one, you are entitled to a commission. 

Let me show you some apps you can signup with and start making money. 

Apps That Pay When You Refer People To Them

Here is a list of the top three in 2022. 

1. Fair Money

Fair money is a loaning app. They give out online loans to people with minimal interest rates. It is one of Nigeria\’s best online loaning apps.

In addition, they now function as an online bank. You can keep money in a fair money account. When people register and borrow through your link, fairmoney makes a #500 payment to your account.

You can start your journey with Fairmoney by registering and taking loans from them. 

2. Jumia pay 

Jumia is one of the top-ranked online markets in Nigeria. They deal with selling products. In the aim to increase their sales, they have also considered paying people for referring them.

If you open an account and send a link that makes someone shop through that link, you will surely get a commission.  Just download the app and get started. 

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3. Expertnaire

This platform was very popular in 2021. However, it still pays people for registering others through their links. Joining expertnaire could be a little costly, but you sure won\’t regret the financial outcome of making people join them through you. 

There are several other apps you can consider; they are; 

  • Chipper Cash 
  • Piggy Vest 
  • Trove 
  • Palmpay 
  • Kuda 
  • Umba 
  • Opay. 


You can start your journey with one or most of them; your passive income would definitely increase. Although, the more you are committed to working with each platform would determine your pay. 

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