How To Upload Songs on Boomplay 

The playing of music has continued to revolve in diverse ways. Thanks to technological advancements for the upgrade of digital devices. 

Artists have leveraged this to put their songs in the limelight and make them open to millions of music lovers on their phones.

One way to achieve that is by uploading their music on Boomplay. For now, over 75 million people are active users of Boomplay. This means songs on the platform are open to a wide audience. 

Are you a singer and want your song to join millions of songs on the platform? It\’s a good step to make your song get out where they need to hear it. Let me teach you how to upload your song on Boomplay with ease. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Upload Your Song on Boomplay

1. Register

Before uploading your song, you need to join the platform. This time, you need to join as an artist. Signup Imusician account on the platform. It comes at no cost. Once you join the league of singers, you can proceed to the next step. 

2. Start Release

As an account owner with Boomplay, you have a dashboard that can make you use the site. When you want to upload a song, click \”Start Release\”. After this, you will be able to upload the file. 

3. Upload File

You would be requested to choose the file you wish to upload. Go to your phone gallery and select the file of your song. Upload the file immediately after you select it.

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Also, you need a picture, or any artwork you feel is good for you. While people are listening to the song, what do you want them to be glancing at on their screen?

Yeah, select that too. You might need a photo shoot or just a graphic designer to get that done. 

4. Acknowledge all contributors

Everyone involved should get their name attached to the work. You can be sued if you don\’t do that. It will make your work copyright free. Everyone\’s name is needed, do that for the good of your work. 

5. Approval

Once your song is approved, you are good to go. You can start sending the links to your fan to stream it. There is no definite amount that Boomplay will pay you for streams; however, you would be paid when necessary. 


Getting to millions of people is easy; take a step to start uploading your songs, and you will be on your way to the top.

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