How To Activate Opay Card In 2 Easy Steps

Mobile banking has started taking a valid place in Nigeria.

Several online banking companies have stepped up their game with the aim of meeting up with physical commercial banks. One of the improvements some of them have started doing is giving out ATM cards to their customers. 

Opening this page means you are part of those Opay has given an ATM card. Well, it\’s good you have opened this page. I will give a good explanation of how I activated my Opay card. You don\’t need to bother, it\’s an easy process, and anyone can do it. 

Follow these steps and get it done in 5 minutes. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Activate Your Opay ATM card

1. Open the package

Opay would send the ATM card in an envelope. Just like the normal way commercial banks do it. You need to open it to see the ATM details needed to complete the process.

2. Open the Opay App 

Login to your app and start the activation process. Note, use the normal app and not the business app. 

Follow these on your dashboard. 

  • When you open the dashboard, click on \”Me.\” 
  • Then you can go ahead to click on the shipped icon. This icon will only appear if your card has been sent. You can reach out to their customer care if it hasn\’t appeared. But if you can see the icon on your screen, click it to continue. 
  • Click on \”Activate card now\” on the next page. After that has been done, you will be requested to fill in your ATM details. When you are done filling out your details, click on confirm for verification. 
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After these steps, your card will be activated. I\’m certain this is a very simple procedure for everyone. You can now go ahead to activate your Opay ATM card. 


The Opay card is a Visa Card. This means it supports local and international transactions. What are you waiting for if you are using Opay and yet to get your card? It makes transactions easier and better. 

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