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I entered one of the popular online forums and saw people searching for Naija Hustlers WhatsApp group Link and Wire Wire WhatsApp group and decided to write an article on them. Before I begin, I didn\’t share any list of those things in this article, they are all illusions!
I am here to expose a popular scam going on right now, scamming the potential scammers. This is where someone promises to add you to a Dating format WhatsApp group or other forums promising tutorials.

Whatsapp and Telegram Groups

Thanks to the speedy advancement of the internet, people can now join online groups and forums and have meetings without having to leave their comfort.
This however has also eased communication between fraudsters and their victims. Since almost all forms of fraud revolve around communications, it is very easy to reach out to potential victims too.

Now, how does this come into what we are talking about? The end result of every successful fraud is receiving money, right? It doesn\’t matter which stories they told and which evidence they brought up, everything has to end with a debit.

Are There Any WhatsApp and Telegram Groups For Yahoo Boys?

The short answer is YES. I haven\’t joined any of them to make my research, but I am yet to see any positive reviews from them.

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Now let\’s look at it this way. If you get scammed while trying to purchase a shoe online, you can proceed to take legal actions in an attempt to recover your funds right?
It is the same for whoever gets scammed while trying to do any other legitimate things online. You might be able to get it but while all these are going on, you will have the boldness to talk about it everywhere.

The case is however different for anyone who gets defrauded while trying to purchase a tutorial on how to scam people. In fact, the fact that you were scammed is a whole value for your money alone.
You learnt something, now you can use the same format that was used on you for others. How better can the world be when we all begin these?

Reasons You Shouldn\’t Go Into Internet Fraud

There\’s really no \’good\’ reason to go into fraud;

  • No peace of mind.
  • There is a greater risk involved in recent times.
  • You could be caught.
  • A lot of them go into spiritual agreements to succeed which might haunt them later.
  • Many don\’t even spend the money well and return to how they started.
  • Your reputation is at stake.

The list is endless and for real, legit is the sure way.

How Can You Make Money Online Legitimately As A Nigerian?

There are many ways to make legit money online as a Nigerian, some of them include:


You can launch a blog online and begin to rake in hundreds of dollars monthly. It is number one on my list because it\’s my favourite method.
To know more about it, please check this article out.

Freelance Writing

Writing is also another very lucrative way of making money online. You can make money from freelance writing, ghostwriting, editing, translation and many others.

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Forex Trading

With this, you trade on foreign currencies and make money with an increase or decrease in the exchange rates. You can also decide to go into crypto trading, which is the trading of different cryptocurrency tokens.

Website Development

There is a good demand for websites today and you will be able to make good money creating for clients. You can get clients from freelance websites like Fiverr.


There are several other ways of making money online legitimately. You can make from affiliate marketing, e-commerce, information marketing, software development and so on.

If you want to go into offline businesses, you can also check out the top 10 most untapped businesses in Nigeria. Fraud is never the best option and behind the golden chains and designer clothings, there\’s always something you would not want to experience.
What do you think?

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