Where To Sell Used Items Online in Nigeria – 7+ FREE Platforms

There are not so many guides on where to sell used items online in Nigeria. While everyone would love to have something new, sometimes we are not so financially buoyant enough to afford them and so second-hand items will be the go-to plan.
Now, this article is not only for sellers. If you are a buyer and you are looking for where to get used items, these platforms are also for you.

What Used Items Can People Sell Online?

There are general beliefs that Nigerians don\’t sell faultless used items. I however do not believe this, especially judging that sometimes people can sell their old items because they need money, or they are trying to upgrade to another one.
For instance, I can decide to sell my iPhone 7 because I\’m trying to upgrade to iPhone 11. It doesn\’t mean the 7 was bad or is no more serving me, I just won\’t want to keep two iPhones when I know they solve exactly the same needs.

Some second-hand items Nigerians sell online include:-

  • Automobiles, bikes, bicycles, etc
  • Clothes, shoes, chains, necklaces, etc
  • Household items and furniture like beds, chairs, etc
  • Electronic items like irons, televisions, cable services
  • Gadgets like laptops, wifis, phones
  • Houses (if you are looking to sell properties online, please read this)

Almost anything can be sold as used, at least except edibles haha. We will be seeing how you can go about selling your used stuff online.

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Platforms To Sell Used Items Online In Nigeria

There are many platforms where you can sell used items online as a Nigerian, but these are my favourite:

Facebook Marketplace

Recently launched by the popular social network, Facebook, the marketplace almost never goes wrong. It is also free to all Facebook users (and you need to be a user to use it) and you can reach out to hundreds of people without any stress.

To put your product on the Facebook Marketplace, visit facebook.com/marketplace with your logged-in account and follow the processes.
You can list an item for sale, a vehicle or even your properties on the platform.


Jiji.ng is one of the most popular classified websites in the Nigerian internet space. They also have a good budget for promotions and it\’s as if the websites are always on ads.
Signing up and posting your products is free but you can promote it to reach the top.


With millions of monthly readers, Nairaland.com remains the top forum in the African internet space. It also gets a lot of its users from search engines and they have a high buying power.
You can advertise your used items in the correct section on the platform to reach interested buyers.


Your Whatsapp is actually one of the most used social media platforms and you can advertise your goods on it. One of the reasons I couldn\’t miss it in this article is because the users will have a level of trust and familiarity with you as the seller already.

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Other platforms:-

Some other platforms that would also go well to advertise your used products as a Nigerian include:-

  • OList: Olist.ng is owned by Opera and is another leading classified site.
  • Selloff.ng: It is also a classified website.
  • Cars45.com: For used cars only and is owned by Jiji.

There are many other platforms but we will be taking it from these.


One of the major tips for selling your used items online is to take a good photo of them. Also, there is a common saying that Nigerians don\’t sell off good items as second-hand, and I hope you don\’t add to the saying.

There are many websites where you can sell and you can post on multiple ones to get the best deal.
What do you think?

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  1. Thank you for sharing this informative blog post on where to sell used items online in Nigeria. As someone who is interested in selling my used items online, I found this post to be very helpful.
    Overall, this blog post has given me the confidence to start selling my used items online in Nigeria. I will definitely be referring back to this post as I begin my selling journey. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and expertise on this topic.

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