How To Write SIWES Report [Never Pay Someone Again]

SIWES is a program that is created to prepare some sets of students for what they will possibly meet after their stay in school. What is SIWES? SIWES means Student’s Industrial Work Experience Scheme.

The experience is to ensure student have a direct contact in the real world with their course of study. It gives a feeling of reality to support what has been learnt In the four fall walls of the school.

Students taking SIWES are directed to organizations that will help them to learn more practically about what they are learning theoretically in classrooms and laboratories.

Before students could be allowed to practice SIWES in a firm or organization, such students must send a letter to the organization requesting to be allowed to take his or her SIWES exercise there.

After the process, the student is expected to write a report about the experience encountered on the field.

What Is a SIWES Report?

SIWES report, therefore, is the report that a SIWES student writes to give an account of all the activities that were carried out during the SIWES program.

These activities may include the projects that were done while training and the experience partaking in the SIWES program. A student\’s level of professional and practical skill development during the period of SIWES is demonstrated by the SIWES report.

Expected Features of a SIWES Report

A SIWES report write-up does not have a stereotyped way it should be written. The approach varies, it depends on your lecturer or supervisor.

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However, we would discuss some format expected of a good SIWES report write-up.

A good SIWES write-up is expected to be type-written as a WORD document, printed out and bound and submitted to the necessary authority.

It must contain all important activities carried out by the student in the process of the SIWES. A succinct description of each event contributes to the accumulated score that would be awarded to such a student.

To ensure that everyone who reads your report will comprehend the actions taken by the company or organization you collaborated with, it is important to write it clearly and understandably.

Grammatical errors and mistakes should be carefully taken note of and corrected before submission. Making unnecessary errors will not help any student.

A SIWES report does not have a specific number of pages for it to be accepted. It may contain 20- 70 pages. The main idea is that it must be clear and straightforward. Nevertheless, your supervisor might give you a format he/she would prefer.

A good SIWES report also must follow the normal procedures for writing. That is to say, it must have the preliminary pages.

The whole work is divided into four parts. They are;

  • the body,
  • the Conclusion, and;
  • the Reference.

These would be seriously taken note of by the lecturer in charge of the report write-up.

SIWES Report Defense

The defense is for the student to orally defend all activity experienced gotten from the field. In essence, you want to proof what has been written.

Thus, you must be actively involved in all that you have written down in the report. If your presentation and your report doesn’t cohere, they might start to doubt if you were true with your reports.

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Significance of SIWES Report

This section of this article helps to identify the significance attached to the SIWES program.

  • One major significance of SIWES is to provide students with a chance to put the theory into practice in a practical setting, and in this scenario, they close the knowledge gap between what they learn in school and what they experience in the workplace.
  • It exposes students to the handling procedures and strategies for the equipment they could encounter in their future workplace.
  • It places students on a better advantage of a better work opportunity, as they would be exposed already in their SIWES field.


SIWES report is a must-write for every SIWES student. It is expected to be submitted to the lecturer in charge and it contributes a lot on the student assessment.

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