How To Activate Channel 29 on GoTV

Channel 29 and Channel 8 are the channels for the Nigerian popular reality show, Big Brother Naija (BBN). These channels are dedicated to BBN for the time of the program.

Despite tons of criticism, the reality show is still embraced and enjoyed by millions of Nigerian youths. This makes many Nigerians purchase the Gotv and sit patiently to follow the program.

However, sometimes some new users of Gotv have their channel 29 not showing up. If you encounter this same problem, keep calm and digest this article.

Taking a glass of water as you continue reading is a way of saving your health.

Follow these steps therein and you will get your channel 29 showing up on your Gotv.

Steps To Activate Channel 29 and Channel 8 on GOTV

Firstly, you must have an active subscription to Gotv max, Gotv Supa, or Gotv plus.

If the above criterion is met and your channel is not showing still, then you have to scan your decoder.

Follow the steps below to scan your decoder

  • On your Gotv remote control, enter the \”menu\” button.
  • Navigate to the \”Advanced Settings\” option.
  • Select \”Installation\”
  • After selecting \”installation\” select \” tuning\”.
  • Choose the \”automatic scan\” option and press okay.

After these steps have been carried out, your Gotv will go through a short moment of scanning. After this scan, you can exit the menu or preferably reboot your Gotv. Now, channels 29 and 8 should come up.

If it doesn\’t come up still after rebooting and you\’re experiencing gotv \”error code e16\”, you can resolve it by texting \”reset IUC to 4688\” or call the number assigned to the gotv decoder.

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After all the above steps have been carefully carried out and it still does not come up, you need to contact the Gotv customer service. You can visit any Gotv branch near you.

You can also call the Gotv customer care line,

Tel: +234 803 904 4688
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Before you place a call through to them, make sure your IUC number is handy because it\’d be needed.

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