How To Increase Whatsapp Status View (Exclusive Tips)

The number of people who follow our status often heightens the fun on the green app. It seems like we are not getting anyone\’s attention when our viewers are barely up to three figures. 

If you are concerned about that, it\’s not just you. I was also concerned about it years ago. However, I was able to overcome it and increase my views. So, let me take you through a few steps to make you increase the number of your contact list and increase those that would view your status. 

How To Increase Viewers on Whatsapp 

There are a few ways to do that; let me mention the compelling ones. 

1. Posts

Personally, I have a list of people I follow their status daily. That\’s because they post relevant content. What you post on your status would increase the number of people that would come back to view more. In essence, your posts must be helpful and relevant. Memes and news are two key posts that can attract people to your status in this present time.

2. Contact gain

Unlike other social media platforms, Whatsapp statuses are only visible to those with your contact and you must also have theirs\’. No matter how your posts are relevant to the content, you are still restricted if your contact list is not massive. 

There are telegram and WhatsApp pages where contact gain files are shared. All you need is to join the group, drop your number, and download the files. A single file can have 3,000 contacts. That\’s a good way to start, then you can start feeding them with posts to keep them. 

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Why You Need To Increase Your Views

The major reason you need to increase your views is to reach more people. This is very beneficial to people who are into business. You want more people to see what you are selling.

Also, you could become an influencer when your views increase. People can start placing adverts on your status, and that can earn you some cash.


In all, your online presence has a lot to say about you in this social media era. There are profitable benefits attached to it, no need to delay, start the journey now!

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