Tanimu Akawu Biography, Age, Family, Businesses, Net Worth

Tanimu Akawu is a veteran of the Hausa movie industry. He is one of the most successful Hausa actors and the face of the entertainment industry.

His rise to fame resulted from taking up the villain role in most movies he was featured. People are curious to know if his role in most movies is the real picture of his lifestyle.

Tanimu Akawu is a highly talented actor based in Jos, Plateau state. He was born and brought up in Jos. His real name is Mohammed Tanimu, but people know him as Alhaji-Alhaji. He also claimed that he was nicknamed Akamu by his late grandfather.

Because he was known to play the role of a villain, people began asking him questions, which he addressed in an interview session.

He claimed that he is not a bad person. He ventured into acting in Hausa films with full regard to it as a good profession, and he had never thought that he would rise to stardom so fast.

As to the villain roles he was known to always play in almost all the films he featured, he claimed it is just part of the work.

He intends to remind people to understand that there are personalities with bad characters in our societies, and the movie industry needs to expose their kind. So, they are educating people, and are just passing messages.

Aside from playing the role of a villain, he has acted as an infidel. But he claimed that whatever role he played should not be concluded as who he is.

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Tanimu Akawu is a disciplinarian at home. He loves his acting job passionately and claims he is satisfied with most of his roles.

He has starred in different Hausa movies: Jarumin Maza, and Dan Fari, from where he got his popular name, Alhaji-Alhaji, and many others.

Tanimu Akamu has won some nominations and awards in the Hausa Movies industry. He won the 2013 MTN Kannywood Awards as Best Villain of the Year in appreciation of his role in a film titled \”Jarumin Maza.\”

He said Bashir Nayaya was his acting male role model, and the late Balaraba Mohammed was his best female actress.

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