Suleiman Kabir Bagiwa: Who Is He And Why Is He Trending?

Suleman Kabir Bagiwa is a Nigerian name. On the 11th of October, 2023 we woke up to a news that MTN had cleared the debts of several Nigerians. This is to say, many people who borrowed money from the giant telecom will no more need to repay in a trending news.

The news was however debunked in several online comments and replies by MTN, who tagged it a technical glitch that will be fixed.
Before the end of the day, the name Suleiman Kabir Bagiwa was trending and we began to search for who he was and his relationship with the update.

Our correspondent searched the name on Facebook and a post by a user, Sulaiman Ayyuba saying;

MTN sun yanke shawarar biyan duk bashin da suke bin masu amfani da kamfanin sadarwar tasu.
Amman hakann ya faru ne yayin da “Suleman kabir bagiwa” wanda shine General manager dinsu ya yanke shawarar biyan basussukan da MTN din suke bi, kudaden da suke bi zasukai kimanin Billion daya (1B).
Ga duk wanda MTN suke bi bashi zasu iya duba balance su gani, don nasan wasu rabon da su duba balance ma sub manta saboda bashin da ake binsu. 😂😊

We translated it to English using the Facebook translate feature and this came up;

This time MTN has done a good thing.
MTN decides to repay all the loans they owe to users of their network.
But this happened when “Suleman Kabir Bagiwa” who is their general manager decided to pay MTN buses, the amount they owe would be about 1 Billion (1B).
To all MTN owers they can check balance and see, because I know some of them check balance and forget about their debt. 😂😊

He also attached this photo to it.

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You can also see it HERE. Looking at it, it’s obvious there’s nothing much to debunk on the legitimacy of the press release.

Dunes Company:-

According to the press release, Suleiman Kabir Bagiwa is the general manager of Dunes Company. I did a little Google search and couldn’t find a company with the name.
Even the LinkedIn and other social media pages were talking about other companies with Dunes on their names and I wonder how someone who is so big to cancel users debts will choose to have nothing about them online.

I must commend their humble lifestyle, it is really envious!

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