How To Start Yahoo As A Girl – All You Need To Know

In this article, we\’d be seeing a step-by-step tutorial on all you need to know about starting Yahoo as a girl in Nigeria. This question has been asked severally times on different platforms, from popular social media platforms to online forums and more.

I\’m going to try my best to answer it in the possible and most interesting way; if you need further answers, you can contact us or drop a comment at the end f the article.

What is Yahoo?

Yahoo is an American multinational technology company that focuses on media and online business. It was originally founded as Yahoo! Inc in 1995, but theĀ current incarnation of the company was formed in 2017.

Some big brands that are currently under Yahoo include; AOL, Built by Girls, In the Know, TechCrunch, Makers, Engadget, Rivals, Autoblog and Flurry.

In addition to the brands listed above is the popular Yahoo!, which includes Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Entertainment, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! News, Yahoo Fantasy, Yahoo! Life, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sportsbook.

What is Yahoo! used for?

In this article, I\’ll assume that you\’re asking about Yahoo! Mail, if not, you can subscribe to our push notification as we\’ll be working on articles on the other types of Yahoo!.

Yahoo! Mail is one of the most popular email service platforms in the world. It was launched on October 8, 1997, by the American company Yahoo, Inc. While it offers a free plan for life, users can also opt for the paid plan (Yahoo Mail Plus) for other additional features which include;

  • Ad-free email
  • Disposable email addresses
  • 24/7 account support
  • 5,000 GB email storage
  • Email organized automatically*
  • All attachments & photos in one place*
  • Automatic forwarding
  • Get alerts for key emails*
  • One-click, easy unsubscribe *
    and many more.
    *means that it\’s also available in the free plan.
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How To Become A Yahoo Girl

Now, that brings us to the main topic of the day; how to become a Yahoo girl:

  • The steps on how to become a Yahoo girl are similar to those of the Yahoo boys, the first step is to visit on your mobile or PC browser.
  • Click on Sign Up (if you already have an account, simply click on Sign In and input your email/password)\"Yahoo
  • Input your Full Name, choice Email Address, Password and Birth Year, then click onĀ Continue to proceed to the next stage.
  • After inputting your information, you\’ll proceed to the next stage of registration which involves verifying your phone number.

At this point, I believe you\’ve gotten all you need to know about becoming a successful Yahoo Girl in Nigeria. Before you leave, we have another very rich article on how to start a successful ladies\’ slippers business in Nigeria. The article was written by Benson Chidiebere and he exposed everything you\’ll need to know about excelling in this business.

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